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  1. unfortunately no links to such units, im fortunate enough to have bought a 2020 fridge with built in freezer which happens to be frost-less
  2. agreed, water curing has its place to save some buds if you had powdery mildew, but I would also use it as a last resort, agreed smoke is smoother but taste is gone, worse case if you have no choice to either save bud or throw it away, than water cure it. Atleast you won't lose out on your hard work but if it's only a small batch than it's not even worth it. Give the frost-less freezer method a try, but I have to point out that is must be a frost-less freezer. Most modern fridges with built in freezer are frost-less but I'd advise anyone trying this to make sure of that first
  3. Sounds about right almost how I cure my stuff. Let it air dry put in a jar once its around 65% Rh anything above bud must come out, keep burping as normal until it reaches 60%, 58% for long term storage. There's even a technique to jar them a day to bring out moisture if your buds dry out within two days. It will help but you will still except to get the hay taste. Which in some cases you can make it better with longer curing but it still stays, only thing that's actually improves is the smoke, once the chlorophyll locks due to quick dry you will always have that hay smell and taste. I have tried the fridge cure, I think it's more of a preference. Dry ice and water cure is something I won't be doing again
  4. It's probly the same way how cryo freeze preserves the weight and taste with full cure within 24hrs. You will have to do some research on cryo freeze to understand the reasons for frost-less freezer, there's a book out covering it very well as on the international forums. I'm not 💯 on how's and whys it works except it does. it's a highly debateable topic all over due to its nature. At first I also thought what alot of BS, 15 years growing, I've tried all the curing method out there so ofcuz I thought this was too good to be true but you have to try it to be able to give an opinion so that's what I did and after trying the first time with fail you would think that was enough, however I found out I did a few things wrong the first time, so I did it a 2nd time, I found out why some swear by it , take a gram and try it for yourself and let us know here. I will try it a 3rd time and if it's anything like the last cure, I will only cure this way 💯. If you want to further understand this method search Sublimation using a frost-less freezer, and cryo freeze
  5. Doesn't increase the intial yield it preserves the wet weight of your buds. When you hang dry you can lose up 50% of your weight
  6. Yes you can do it with the dry ice but the outcome is far from each other in terms of taste and smoke, hang dry cure vs dry ice vs water cure, hands down dry cure is best. Hands down frost-less freezer above it all. I only got it right the 2nd time of trying but if my third time is the same as my 2nd time, I will cure all my buds this way, the taste is nothing like anything I ever tasted. According to the original source, leaving it an hour a day is achieving the condensation & defrost steps
  7. So what is Sublimation? Well in short, sublimation is a process during which a solid is turned into a gas, skipping the liquid stage in between. Controlled radiant heat is applied during this process, converting the frozen moisture in the product directly into vapor. Okay, but what does that actually mean? It means you can cure your cannabis through freezing technique, one such famous technique is cyro cure / cyro freeze. "Cryo Cure’s patent-pending cannabis drying and curing process gives harvested cannabis that “fresh from the farm” feeling, preserving the color, smell, and texture lost during the typical weekslong curing process. By skipping the hanging drying process, “Cryo Cured” cannabis evades human error that could ruin a harvest, increasing yield while delivering product to retail shelves faster than ever before in the cannabis industry." HOW DOES THE CRYO CURE CANNABIS CURING MACHINE WORK & CAN YOU STIIL DO IT WITHOUT ONE? STEP 01: FREEZING The first step in the Cryo Cure process is to freeze the cannabis or industrial hemp to -20 to -30 degrees for no less than 10 hours to preserve the shape and integrity. Select Cryo Cure models have a built-in freezer for this purpose, or you can use a separate freezer that’s the right size and specifications for sub-critical temperatures STEP 02: VACUUM PRESSURE The now-frozen product is placed into the material chamber under vacuum pressure in order to facilitate sublimation. STEP 03: SUBLIMATION We already touched on this, this is when sublimation occurs STEP 04 CONDENSATION: The vapor is condensed back into a solid and collected in the ice bank STEP 05 DEFROST: The ice in the ice bank is melted and drained from the ice bank in the form of a hydrosol liquid. Any terpenes lost in the sublimation process can be reclaimed from the hydrosol to be used in other processed products such as vape pens and oils. THATS ALL GREAT BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR THE AVARAGE JOE As promising and innovating as that all sounds, not all of us have the financial backing to invest on a cryo-freeze machine. BUT that's not the end of it, we can actually take the same principal and apply it using a "FROST-LESS" freezer. The outcome when done right is bigger and fresher bud with enhanced terpene profile & smell. SO HOW CAN WE TRY TO REPLICATE IT? This is what you wanna do.... Grab something like a small cardboard box or plastic container & place under your buds leaving buds open to air. Do not lay it on bare plastic, most of today's plastics aren't breathable in certain temps. Use some type of breathable material. Leave it in the frost-less freezer for two weeks. Don't touch them, if anything grab some tongs(lunch lady style) turn them each side one week each so both sides are exposed(VERY GENTLY TRICHS WILL FALL IN THESE TEMPS). Third week take it out a hour a day before returning it into the freezer, after the 3rd week you may remove it OUT FREEZER & into jars to continue cure for a week+ or as normal This method doesn't not replicate the cyro freeze in terms of speed that cryo freeze achieves at full cure in 24hrs, but it does somewhat replicate the preservation of weight and taste that you will never achieve with hang drying NOTE: A "FROST-LESS" freezer is required, normal freezer will build-up frost on your buds damaging them & I would suggest you try it out with a small batch first
  8. Good on you man, taking that step foward in changing the mindset around cannabis and showing your work to people of cape Town. I'm all for the movement of changing people's mind set of cannabis. Because let's be real there's still alot of people that associate cannabis with the wrong ideas and it's our duty as caltivators to change that mind set. So good one man 👊
  9. No, not dried ice altho it goes on the same principles. I ll post a thread tonight about how to do it and the science to back it up. Short summary, you need a "frost-less" freezer to be able to do it, you hang dry for a day or 2 than (I now cut and straight into freezer) throw them in a shoe box or plastic container with some bratheable material at the bottom, leave in there for 2 weeks after that, remove it from the freezer and let it stand out for an hour a day for a week, after that jar it and continue curing as normal. There's a thread on the international forums stating the process better , it's there I found out about this, after the 2nd try, What I found was that my buds lost almost no weight and the trepen profile was out of this world. Note: you need a frost-less freezer. Do not try with a normal freezer, save your bud
  10. All the above sounds about right. There's anther method more advanced curing called "Sublimation". I got this right the 2nd time around , the best tasting buds i have tasted and amazing bag appeal. It baiscly takes the same principle of "cyro-freeze" cure but with a frost - less freezer. Dispite the grim idea of it, like I said it's probly the best cure I have ever done, first time was not so good, yet way better than "water - curing". I encourage people to do some research on it, if you have hot temps and bad RH with buds drying up as fast as 2 days than this method will work for you. Once you perfect it, you probly won't hang dry again
  11. Unfortunately I haven't had the pleasure to try your seeds. Maybe hit me up a private so I can organise some. It's unfortunate but you will always get negative people especially around the net. If there's any constructive criticism, take it if not just shrug it off, unfortunately there will always be one or two of those reviews from time to time especially when people start taking about what you doing and providing. Keep you head up and wishing you all the best
  12. You better off investing 1-3k on a par meter or the cheaper alternative, a lux meter for around R400 Your phone will never be able to read accuratly the high levels of par/lux admited by grow lights. Even a lux meter won't work if you using burple lights It maybe an expensive piece of equipment just to do one job but it will take your grow to the next level as you are providing the best lux/par levels of your leds to every stage of your plants cycle
  13. I don't usually vape but those are really awesome looking
  14. I'm about to go into flower so I have no space but will mos diffinatly jump in the next one 👍
  15. Looking Foward to the grows bro 👊
  16. Well well I'm glad to see this thread, for the past 3 grows I have only used seeds from Marijuana Seeds SA, my current grow diary consists all of nirvanas DP, Pure Power Plant, Aurora & Blue Dream, all sprouted, service is good, delivery time is good, and the quality of strains are excellent. Good work guys keep it up
  17. This is interesting I ll be in but all depends on the date
  18. Abit closer bro. From the pics I can't find lady parts on your boy. Almost looks like a herm. Try to get the camera to focus better
  19. Sounds like it might help, I will give it a try. Have a look at this CLICK HERE - Beneficial Nematodes
  20. Exactly the same one, they do a great job of dealing with larva from fungus gnats & nutrient cycling as you mentioned. My indoor plants are healthy but last season outdoor was a nightmare with pests and the nematodes would of helped greatly. Let me know if you come across anyone selling it
  21. This is good news, I'm in search of nematodes, cant seem to find anything in SA
  22. Yea they not a bad range. With coco you will have to Supplement cal-mag during the whole grow due to Cocos cation exchange capacity or the plants will show calcium deficiency. Umyas Cal-Mag does a good job
  23. What nutes are you planning to give them?
  24. I think you can transplant them, usually around 30 days max before they begin to root bond or when they show their 4th/5th set of true leaves, you can even transplant as early as their 2nd set of true leaves
  25. That would be enough for me to say F**k the grow for the season🤞
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