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  1. Hi Everyone, new here. In desperation to replace my income, I have started an online seed store. I would really like to make contact with anyone who has done something similar, especially if you have figured out how to best tap into the international / US market. Also looking for related products to sell on my sight. So, if you are a supplier of anything cannabis related I would be more than happy to help you sell your goods. Many thanks Charl
  2. FeedaSeed

    Feed a Seed

    Feed a Seed has teamed up with several of the world’s leading internationally recognized seed banks and breeders to bring you the very best of what European, Canadian and American Medicinal Cannabis breeders have to offer. So that you can achieve the best results possible, our seeds are only released onto the market, after years of research and analysis. We have isolated genetic traits that produce plants that are, fast-growing, hardy, high-yielding, high in THC or CBD, disease-resistant, mould-resistant, and wonderfully aromatic and flavoursome. Additionally, our seeds achieve a germination rate of over 99.9%. This is Seed that you can purchase with complete peace of mind. We also have a range of auto-flowering low THC, high CBD Marijuana seeds for sale. To read our blog post: 10 reasons why auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds make it easy to grow cannabis.
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