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  1. Ask @420SA, think he posted it last time.
  2. Call him, when he took long with our orders last time that's what I did and told him to come reply here. His prices arent worth the hassle anymore anyways...
  3. @Bospatrollie2 lemme buy a bag please... apartment living sucks.
  4. I agree with @Bospatrollie2. All I added was worm castings and seagro. didn't have any major issues...
  5. @Cannabist apologies for any harsh words i sent your way, very childish of me. I'm very happy that you have indeed pulled through. and.... I agree with @SkunkPharm, I can wait a month for seeds at these prices, one can simply plan ahead.
  6. Woke up to a nice email.... now we wait on the beans...
  7. He did send me a screenshot of orders from DE to ZA arriving on the 14th, and an update email but no tracking number yet.
  8. Just spoke to him on WhatsApp... the fact that he replied kinda says something? 🤣 ... let's wait and see,I told him to come message here..
  9. Agreed @greenkush.... I emailed payfast but absolutely no response... Didnt manage to call, wilm try tomorrow.
  10. 🤣 support@payfast.co.za ,numbers on their site.will update on how it goes.
  11. @Mambawana How kind of you sir... I'm in JHB unfortunately... Aaaand,I reported this bastard last week already but payfast isn't getting back to me,giving them a call today, but it feels pointless..
  12. @Bakstein420 not a word...
  13. Thanks for the info @totemic
  14. So I'm not the only one? Those prices... too good to be true?
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