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  1. @Bospatrollie2 lemme buy a bag please... apartment living sucks.
  2. I agree with @Bospatrollie2. All I added was worm castings and seagro. didn't have any major issues...
  3. @Cannabist you hold local stock now? May I recieve a list please😁? Wanna order early jan
  4. Your patience will be rewarded @Bennie
  5. got my stuff today :D... thanks cannabist!
  6. @Cannabist apologies for any harsh words i sent your way, very childish of me. I'm very happy that you have indeed pulled through. and.... I agree with @SkunkPharm, I can wait a month for seeds at these prices, one can simply plan ahead.
  7. Woke up to a nice email.... now we wait on the beans...
  8. He did send me a screenshot of orders from DE to ZA arriving on the 14th, and an update email but no tracking number yet.
  9. Burn? 😂....or my interpretation is crap🤔
  10. Just spoke to him on WhatsApp... the fact that he replied kinda says something? 🤣 ... let's wait and see,I told him to come message here..
  11. Agreed @greenkush.... I emailed payfast but absolutely no response... Didnt manage to call, wilm try tomorrow.
  12. 🤣 support@payfast.co.za ,numbers on their site.will update on how it goes.
  13. @Mambawana How kind of you sir... I'm in JHB unfortunately... Aaaand,I reported this bastard last week already but payfast isn't getting back to me,giving them a call today, but it feels pointless..
  14. @Bakstein420 not a word...
  15. Thanks for the info @totemic
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