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Found 10 results

  1. Your local seedbank for premium Cannabis seed souvenirs & stockists of: Atami Terra Aquatica ExploGrow Buddi PlantMatter Cover Your Crop
  2. Hi Everyone, new here. In desperation to replace my income, I have started an online seed store. I would really like to make contact with anyone who has done something similar, especially if you have figured out how to best tap into the international / US market. Also looking for related products to sell on my sight. So, if you are a supplier of anything cannabis related I would be more than happy to help you sell your goods. Many thanks Charl
  3. So I initially didn't wanna post this here but I'm doing so to hopefully get a quicker response from you guys. My seeds was supposed to be delivered last week Tuesday, courier(Fastway Couriers) pulled up at my place, looked in the van for the parcel and couldn't find it. Since then I have been in contact with fast way and Biltong and Buds but nothing is clear as to me getting my seeds. Fastway says I must contact Biltong and Buds and Biltong and Buds say I must contact Fastway. I'm honestly highly annoyed with this situation at the moment because it feels like I'm the only one running around and trying to figure out if I'm going to get my seeds. Email repliers are non existent from fastway and biltong's email replies takes 1 to 3 days to reply. Reason I bought seeds from you guys is because you guys have great reviews and I have friends who have bought seeds from you with no problem at all. I just want to know what's gonna happen moving forward, am I going to get my seeds, am I going to get a refund or am I going to get nothing?
  4. Have any of you guys used CAPE APE SEEDS. And whats the feedback like?
  5. Grew "ACDC" strain from cannabestseeds.co.za and received my tests from Qure laboratories, the results revealed that it had 10% THC and 0% CBD. (I had a 1g sample of the flower and 1ml extracted oil).That strain reports it should contain 20% CBD and 0% THC, R 2k down on testing alone, never mind the time, money on nutes and the seeds themselves and the cost of keeping the mother alive during this period I have attached the test results below. Please be careful where you buy from, its absolutely disgusting that people would do this knowing that it is used to help the sick.
  6. Hey guys, Completely new to growing. thrown a few seeds around to see what they do in the past, but never followed through. was hoping you guys could give me some advice, I'm planning an outdoor grow for this season, don't plan on investing too much, around R1500. the issue is I'm really unsure of which route I should go. Coco or organic soil. I've been looking into it, and the coco option is really appealing to me, but it seems daunting, and expensive for what i had in mind, and the organic option seems fine, but I'm not aiming for "fine". I made two separate lists for whichever grow I decide on. Coco perlite hortimix a,b and mpk (from hydroponics.co.za) 3x 20l Fabric pots (although I've read around 11l pots are good enough for coco) found a very inexpensive tds and ph meter combo on bid or buy, its the same model the hydro stores stock for around 400. some calmag, ph up & down and then the organics list is not as comprehensive, because I went down the coco rabbit hole. soil (obviously) considering the freedom farms premium blend, or the hydroherb promix organic which is 50l for around R300, but i cant find enough information on the ingredients, also found something called orgasoilux. 3x 20l Fabric pots maybe some perlite? all the potting mixes I've seen, say they feed for s short time, so which nutrients does one add after that period? would some vermicompost do? or would i be better off going for the hortimix combo as it can be used in organic soil too, but then the water has to be ph'd to make it available to the plant. basically I'm really keen on the coco, because I'm looking for quantity and quality bud, but I don't want to invest too much, and be too inexperienced to actually get a good yield, or even worse kill the plants. does anyone use the hortimix a,b and mpk, is it simple? I'm planning on getting some feminized seeds too. the royal gorilla, silver haze and utopic haze. will they do alright in our climate? can anyone suggest some good strains for outdoor container growing? whats the best local seedbank? any that have a no germinating return policy? thinking of going with biltong and buds or cannasmiths, thoughts? any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, I saw there was a poll on the local seed banks but a few of the sites were down and some were great. I'm just looking for some variety on a pick n mix batch of about 3 different high thc strains. Feminized. Can anyone suggest any decent places and nice very high the strains? I've been thinking of buying from cannasmiths, biltong n budz or greensmokeroom. Have some nice strains, decent prices and sell individual seeds, Looking at royal gorilla, Jack herer, utopia haze, Durban poison Jackys girl on gsr sounds amazing, a touch out of my price for one seed. Any local strains that are especially good in our climate? Is there anything I should watch out for with any of the local seed banks? Any and all feed back appreciated :)
  8. Hi Guys On my previous grow I planted two seeds, both DP - Strawberry Cough. Both germinated at the same time. From here on one plant was perfect, no major issues. The other one was 'sickly' from the start. Both plants had exactly the same treatment up to harvest. The run off PH was steady at 6.6 - 6.8 Since they are already harvested, it's no use trying to fix it, but I'm interested to see what you guys think. Healthy one: Sickly one: I have more photos as they grow if you are interested
  9. Good day guys. As the topic states, let's discuss germination of seeds, everyone has their own preferred way of seeds germination so let's share some methods. Let's assume you already picked out your seeds or germinating feminized seeds (topic on it's own). At this point I would take a small shot glass, fill it with tap water I prepared 24 hours ago, drop the seed in the shot glass, swirl it a round a bit and leave it overnight, about 12 hours. By preparing water I mean dechlorinate it by keeping it in a open container for 24 hours. I have read some people soak their seeds in warm water of even something a bit more acidic like coffee to soften the outer shell and mimic stomach acid... Anyone have a home brew recipe for soaking? After the soak I would take out the seeds and place them between two wet paper towels, the towels I then put in a dark Tupperware container with a lid, sort if like a dark humidity dome. The water I use here is also from the same container I used for the soak. I make sure at this point to clearly mark which seed I put where, if germinating multiple strains you do not want to get confused. Now according to many sources one should make sure that the seeds are germinating in a dark warm (between 22 and 32 degrees) place, in the summer this is easy, you put your container in cupboard and close the door, in the winter this could be problematic as the house is cold. The reason I put the seeds in a dark Tupperware container comes into play here as I would take the container and put it in the grow room under the light, to get a bit of heat going. You can also use your biltong maker that has been standing emtpy on the table for a few months, I mean a biltong maker has a light at the top to keep the temp up. I have read some people using reptile heat pads to warm the containers, never tried it... Usually my seeds germinate in a day or two, found that keeping them in the wet paper towel for to long (+ 5 days) can promote mould, at that point if the seed did not germinate already according to me you can start again. Some people say one should wait until the white tap root is 3 cm long before planting, I find that if you wait to long the small very fragile tap root will bore into the paper towel making it difficult to remove without hurting the root, I usually just wait until the root is 1 cm before planting. Now depending on if you germinating normal feminized seeds or auto flowering will depend if you plant straight into the forever pot or plant into a smaller 1 liter container as transplanting at a later stage could stun the little sapling and for autos this could impact the veg stage. Well that is what I have read, my previous auto I transplanted as I did not have a correct container at hand and she is big and strong. That's basically my process, now let's hear how this differs from other methods?
  10. Whats good everyone! Im a couple weeks away from flipping to flower on my current grow & already thinking of what beans i could run next! Im sure there are a bunch of us here in the same position, so what are you planning to grow next? I much prefer an indica dominant smoke so ill be looking along those lines. My current list is Blue cheese Peyote Cookies Glueberry OG Lemon Zkittles
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