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  1. Personally i wouldnt just throw some biobizzz bloom at her and hope for the best, some monster bloom or similar especiallly around swelling and maybe a ripener as well will get you better results. This process is made super easy with bottles but you can definitely go the dry amendments route as well for similar results.
  2. If the roots still go to big ill need to add support to the frame and go up to 150-200mm tubes. Really just hope it works out as is. Starting the genie at night is going to be labor inntensive enough with all this loadshitting
  3. Yeah worried about the root development as well. But i assume that these small plants, photos vegged for only a few weeks, and autoflowers together with 6/2 and 4/4 lighting might help in maintaining size. Is trimming large roots recommended? Im not running 36 on the first attempt have only 27 seeds germinating and some of them are going to soil, 18 will go to hydro. Have solved the issue of nutes stopping with first few plants, the irrigation pipe get drilled and connectors inserted which cut off to individual 3mm feeding tubes running out from the 20mm.
  4. Its true that microbes play a large part in breakdown of chemical compounds in living soil to feed the roots. You can however feed the roots directly by means of mineral nutrients. The microbes in organic soil break compounds down into the exact same elements. One can grow either way. In hydro a similar scenario exist between sterile and live systems, again both work.
  5. Depends what soil you are using. Some can go a few weeks without much in the need of nutrients. People grow successfully with mineral based nutrients in soil all the time. You flush soil after the harvest before next grow.
  6. So we got a decent qoute for foam spray insulation. People insulation doesnt come cheap at all even my calculations to diy with isowall panels ended up breaking the budget..but okay still cheaper over the next few years than buying large led fixtures. Stuff has been arriving in the mail. The outlet manifold of the nft is done. Water pump is in and air pump came yesterday but without any silicon tubes so i need to run in tomorrow for that. just installed two smoke alarms as well. Basically only waiting onthe moulded net pots made spicifically for 110mm gro tubes. In 20 rockwool cubes im germinating some seeds. I had the e-m seeds collection from biltong n budz in cart but found out totemic has some bobbys widow x gorilla cookies f2 in stock so i went that route instead. First ones should pop tomorrow Doing 18 of them in hydro and 7 in soil for growth comparison. Ill post those pics and the finished nft when final holes are drilled and pots inserted.
  7. Dont cut down yet the plant is still very much in need of nutrition fish emulsion provides. Remember it is not only for the nitrogen but also for the micros. I would really recommend you feed her nitrogen phosphorus and some potassium, much later cut down on the nitrogen and add potassium.
  8. If you are using something like seagro with liquid kelp you should continue with it till the bud swelling stops, right before full maturity. What are you currently feeding exactly? Most fish emulsion options should cover the full micro nutrient needs of your plant. Going into flower we now need to add to our feeding schedule. This will depend on your preference for liquid vs drysoil amendments. If you go drysoil topdress id get a bag of bat gauno from jamies or msa, bottle nutes you have many options as well but all pk focussed nutrients will require you continue feeding nitrogen and micronutrients.
  9. what is up 420fam! as it is almost such time i'm taking a toke break and updating the thread. everything i got thus far is from a local hardware not a km from me, i couldn't believe it was convinced i need to go into town, which i wasn't keen on tbh. in any case the pictures will tell the story but ill mention details. completed about 60% of the support frame. completed 90% of the 110mm tubes. attached castor wheels to base and it glides around like a cloud. need to run into the hardware shop to swop out some unneccessary stuff and replace with things i didn't know we need. edit: uhm yah so the camera, its an old samsung galaxy under hps lighting, its not working well due to screen breaks i have no other option other than to use this one or bother fiance for hers which i dislike to do. so sorry about to trash pics. and please ignore the wall, running 1200mm mylar diamond pattern across all of it as the build progresses.
  10. what is up my man/girl. welcome to 420.almost such time again..
  11. yeah the fiance woke up to this, she had thought that i wasn't serious about the conversion and that we were just high and talking shit. what a shock it must have been.
  12. ceiling, batons, isotherm insulation removed. had one quote done today to insulate and will get more tomorrow..hopefully ill find an option that isnt gonna blow the budget of the whole operation. last resort ill have to do it myself. some plaster work and painting needs too be done in the meantime.
  13. for the money i think you are right, was looking into isopropyl alcohol but not going that route, will disinfect with bleach.
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