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  1. Wow... and respect!
  2. My 2c, maak daarmee wat jy wil You are going to want to upgrade somewhere in the future.. 99% of people do. I would rather spend a little more now and have a setup that can be upgraded somewhat. For lighting, look at GrowOpz, he has decent affordable options. If those line items in your quote is ex VAT (too lazy to add them up) and I suspect they are then the price of that light is actually R2500.. for R3000 you could get two 75w lights from him, giving you more light and flexibility as well as the ability to save on electricity when plants are small. Plus, if one fails you atleast have something to tie you over till the warranty is sorted. When it comes to extractor fans, that one will probably do but I prefer running a larger fan at slower speeds.. 150mm minimum.. much better on the noise level and puts you in position to easily upgrade or turn up extraction when needed (especially during late flower). I think theire is a website like fans.co.za or something that does not add the mark-up that grow shops do. Lastly, 80 x 80 is super small. Something bigger would offer so much more flexibility. In an 80 x 80 one or two plants max. I know that all of the above is going to push up costs.. but in the long run you will not regret it. A slightly larger investment now will save you money down the line. And as Martin7381 said, see what you can find in the 2nd hand market.. people often sell tents and other gear for dirt cheap. If you are patient you will be rewarded. Just be careful of buying lights in the 2nd hand market. You have no idea how hard they were driven and generally will not enjoy a warranty.
  3. Welcome Frosty Glad you found a reliable supplier. It's sad that so many of the commercially available meds out there is utter shite. Pop some seeds in Oct/Nov and get into making your own. Not only do you know exactly what went into the meds but the joy of growing is therapeutic in itself!
  4. Hahah..Looking forward to how this plays out. Worst case we have a good laugh and know what not to do.. Respect for your contribution to science!
  5. Dankie Inhouse - Platinum zooks Anesia seeds - Slurricane Dutch passion - Critical Orange punch Pyramid seeds - Purple urkle Blimburn - GSC Dutch passion - Charlotte's Angel
  6. Got it as a freebie from Bud Buddies, their in house brand. BCN Critical XXL.. to be honest not impressed at all. Bud structure very leafy and buds generally fluffy. Don't think the exceptional heat we had over the last two months in the Cape helped her, but in my opinion inferior genetics/pheno compared to the Fast Buds auto that grew quite nicely. Should have harvested her a while ago but could not be bothered. She will most likely get the chop this week and go into the extracts bin. She might just serve a purpose for some sleep meds.
  7. Haha.. eventually it will probably end up there
  8. Thanks.. must be honest, the majority of the 'construction' was done by the brother in law.. he owed me a favour or two. My hands are a bit round when it comes carpentry and screws... proud part will come if I manage to eventually pull something top shelf out of there
  9. Thanks Cupboard is for early veg and clones. Maybe a mother or two if I find something worth keeping. Two Growopz 75w fixtures in there.. big saving on the Eskom and much less waste compared to having 600w HID on them.
  10. Hi all Thought I would start off courteously and introduce myself. Been growing outdoors for a number of years, and at risk of sounding vain, I feel I have pretty much reached my full potential given the natural constraints inherent to an outdoor grow. My outdoor grows are organic, with either Freedom Farms or Orgasoilux along with mostly the Biobizz nutrient range. I like to use the odd dose of Nitrosol, molasses and Epsom salt too. Used the Freedom Farms Antifragile soil as test this year and thus far I am quite impressed (only used it as a third of the medium in each pot). Having to wait from May to November each year for summer to come around has forced my hand in setting up an indoor grow. Currently on my first run, plants at 3 weeks and so far so good. Indoor I am going for coco and salt based nutrients, and will have to pick some brains here to assist with the unknown. Anyway, that's enough about me for now. Looking forward to this journey of mastering the indoor side of things. Hopefully I can give back or at least pay forward the knowledge obtained here. Apologies for the "low" resolution pictures. My photography skills have never been much to write home about. Respect
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