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  1. Thanks @Prom for your input. I agree smoking wouldn't necessarily be the best way for a first time user that doesn't smoke anyways. So vape it is. Don't get me wrong I didn't start this because I believe you can die from and overdose of THC. As far as I know it's impossible to die from an overdose of cannabis. This is one of the reasons why I chose cannabis over alcohol in my teen years. It's just that too much THC in your system can be quite an uncomfortable experience. For me getting into cannabis was a bit like learning to surf. You'll get whiped out a lot in the beginning but eventually you'll get the hang of it and learn how to handle it and always have a good time. Many surfers give up as they get frustrated by getting whiped out and I think many people have an uncomfortable first-time experience with cannabis and will never do it again. That's what I'd like to prevent with this thread :).
  2. Hi everyone, I haven't seen a thread of this nature on this forum so I guess I'll just start one. I am sure that this would be usefull especially for people that just started or are about to start using cannabis for whatever reason. Surely many first time users will never use cannabis again because they overdid it and their experience turned into anxiety and/or paranoia instead of laughter and joy. Which consumption method would you recommend for first time use and why? Also what do you do when you find yourself being "too far out". Let me start. I think a little vape or smoke is the way to go if you're new to cannabis. The effects come on way faster than with edibles and therefore it's easier to find the sweet spot you're most comfortabel with. When I get too enthousiastically and accidently consume too much there’s one thing that helps big time and that is foooood.
  3. Welcome @GoodGrow! I'm sure you'll have a good time here.
  4. Yes, I was actually thinking about getting a good microscope to be able to see them working, identifying them and so on.
  5. I'll use this for my next grow: https://www.jamiesgardenshop.co.za/shop/cannabis-microbial-consortium-cmc-750ml-r125/ Can't say if it'll any good to my plants but it surely sparked my interest. Other than that I add passion and dedication to everything I grow.
  6. That was an awesome read @TheUltimateNoob. Quite a lot of information. And that plant of yours filled the tent quite nicely. I think I'll document my process too. This below are four mainlined plants from seed just after the went into flower.
  7. @TheUltimateNoob, thanks I really appreciate your input. I have plenty of time to train my ladies and enjoy the process. Going to check out your link now :).
  8. Thanks @SkunkPharm, for some reason I overlooked your post. It seems like I don't always receive notifications anymore. Anyone else with that problem? At what stage do you take wire the off? I always just tied the branches down and left them tied down till harvest. Maybe I should go with the wires this run.
  9. Awesome thanks @Ill_Evan, I guess it's just a bit more training then.
  10. Hi everyone, this season I'll grow some clones besides plants grown from seed. I always mainlined my photoperiod plants from seed so far. I know it's a bit different to train clones that way. I'll follow nugbuckets technic but maybe one of you guys has some additional advise? Or should I just follow the instructions in the link below? https://www.growweedeasy.com/main-line-clones-nugbuckets Thanks for any input!
  11. @Stinger96, haha I was looking at that strain just the other day. It might help with my roid rage. Looks like awesome genetics. I need to get my hands on these beans one day.
  12. No no don't try it 😁. Just to be on the save side, when I said PM I mean powdery mildew. Last season I had to deal with it and it wasn't fun. And last season was also the first season that I had to water in the evening too, as it got so hot during the day. I think I got powdery mildew on some plants because I watered in the evening. This season I'll get bigger pots, only water in the morning and if necessary I'll do a bit of defoliation to hopefully prevent PM in future.
  13. I believe watering in the evening creates just the right conditions for PM to thrive.
  14. @BluntKnife, you can mix 1-2 tea spoons of epsom salt with 4 liter of water. I found this info on the Royal Queen seeds website, which I think is a trustworthy source. Of course you water your autoflower with less so you would need to amend the amount of epsom needed accordingly.
  15. Hi @BluntKnife, so this is the patient. To me this looks like a Magnesium deficiency. If that's the case (wait for other opinions too) you can fix it with Epsom salt. I am a bit careful with my diagnosis as I never had this problem.
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