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  1. I think there’s something else going on as closing date was on the first and it's still open. Hope everything is alright with @420SA. Or isn't he closing the competition?
  2. @StickyD420 haha can imagine that smell... Now I feel like having a smoke. Will be back soon 😉
  3. Its also possible that something is wrong with the root system.
  4. Happy plants those are! Welcome ☺
  5. Hi fellow growers, just read through this thread and came up with an idea to ensure that all participants grow a similar or same phenotype... Maybe it has already been brought up but what about every participant gets a clone from one motherplant? Would that be possible from a logistical point of view?
  6. Unfortunately you get corruption everywhere there’s money to be made. Dinafem is my absolute favourite as everything I grew from them turned out to be how it was described on their website. Surely I would rather support a small farmer than a faceless big company, but then again I need to be sure to get the same quality.
  7. @afternoon blazerblazerI personally would go for the White paint, but only as I used it in the beginning with success. Never used sun visors, so wait till one of the others chime in.
  8. I only discovered that there’s something like washing your buds after I found some PM on my plants while harvesting. I searched the web to find out what can be done about it other than chucking it into the bin. I found the following video and did everything this guy suggested to do and it worked great. I also kept a bud that wasn't effected by PM and dried it along with my washed buds. I compared the washed bud vs the unwashed bud and couldn't tell a difference.
  9. @Ill_Evan haha I can so relate to your concerns regarding a fire hazard. When I still grew indoors I was always so relived to come home from work to a home that wasn't burned down. @afternoon blazer all the best to you man! Hope you'll get a nice harvest. There's nothing better than some bud grown by yourself.
  10. Your soil looks like it contains lot's of bark etc which cannabis doesn't like so much in my experience. What soil are you using?
  11. @ajcapetown I've been to Jamie's garden shop last week and he had wormcastings and alfalfa/lucerne mulch available. Maybe give them a call before you go there to make sure it's still in stock. Also saw that futurama has lot's of ingredients now. Saw they have alfalfa meal which seems to be similar to lucerne. I am busy with a similar project.
  12. @Popcoen yeah, I'd rather pay a bit extra (I get my seeds from Trophy Seeds) and receive outstanding service. Biltong and Budz seem to be also super reliable as I only heard good things about them.
  13. Cool, thanks guys, appreciate it!
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