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  1. Congrats @DamDaveand thanks to the panel for my second place. Thank you to The High Company for my voucher! Enjoy the bong dude.
  2. Hi John, I have a Woolworths bag and a Pick n Pay R25 bag. The Pick n Pay bag is better. They have good volume and they work just fine in my experience. I also have the proper fabric bags. The shopping bags are more porous but it doesn't bother me.
  3. They have already found their way. They have made it legal to use a product that it is illegal to procure. That means that only people who have the capital, facilities and skills can legally enjoy the product. It's a Catch 22. Unless they make it legal to trade, the so-called legal use of cannabis in private spaces is practically impossible for most people to achieve, who neither have the time nor the inclination to grow and don't have friends who grow either. So yeah, they already have their way. They have defined the criminal terms and the punishments are cruel to say the least. South Africa
  4. There are some great breeders to be found who don't advertise what they are doing, for obvious reasons. There is a lot of magic happening and if you are fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to try these strains, you should be smiling 🙂 Personally, I am excited for the craft cannabis industry going forward, just as long as our laws can accommodate the creativity without crushing us with patent law from giants like Monsanto.
  5. A remarkable recovery. Holly comes from a Transkei origin seed. At a month old she was fimmed by a red locust so I surrounded all of my seedlings in tulle and dowel tents until they were big enough to withstand pests. Today, Holly is chest high and showing sex. I have pruned and trained and she is nice and bushy. I am hoping for some good bud from her.
  6. No. There is a misunderstanding. This thread is about the cannabis bill. I am asking about the law. If I grow surplus of 1.2 kg for my household on my 9 legal plants, there is no provision in the law that allows me to store that legally for personal use throughout the year. This would then theoretically leave me two options. Give away / destroy my surplus, or break the law if I store it for my own use. That is the point I am making and I am asking if there is a legal workaround.
  7. I am busy revisiting the current proposed legislation. How on earth does one grow and store a year's supply of photoperiod plants and keep to the 1.2kg limit? 15 Years is a lifetime to spend in prison. I am in a communal living environment and so the ceiling is 1.2kg. That is not going to last one person very long, let alone a household. They neglected to consider how people who are unable to grow can legally access their recreational substance without getting a freebee. No craft brewer is going to give away more than half his product for free to anyone, so why should cannabis growers expect t
  8. I would potentially be interested in a seed buying club in the Heldeberg. I don't think I qualify as a "trusted" member yet according to the site, because I am relatively new and don't have a lot of interaction. I have some specific strains I want to collect.
  9. I want to thank team @Envirofarm very much for my Epic 5:2! I have started using as a foliar spray on my seed tray, so it will soak in and feed the new sprouts too. I'm cautious not to over feed my cannabis, which already has other products in the soil mix. So I am thinking, I will use the Epic 5:2 on my veggies. I am fantasizing about healthy vegging and fruiting plants giving me a great harvest. I will journal my veggie grow with my cannabis grow.
  10. The best is to send your comments to Dear South Africa. They explain that they keep a legal record and present it to the Ministry or whoever. The mailboxes at Parliament mostly don't work.
  11. Spring is here. Outdoor season starts now for me. Molly is now in soil in a cup.
  12. My first Spring seeds have popped. I have put them in polystyrene cups filled with mountain soil. When they are ready, they will go into the ground in the garden, which is on the mountainside. I am growing Transkei landrace exclusively this season. The journey begins now. Does anyone know where I can get some alfalfa pellets?


    1. Fridge


      Happy growing and best of luck with the wheather. Really curious how your landrace will turn out. Will you start a log too?

      Not sure about the alfalfa pellets but you can get alfalfa/lucerne mulch and meal from jamie's garden shop.

    2. Onion


      Thanks! I've decided to just stick with the mountain soil and I won't add the alfalfa because it is dark and loamy already. I will inoculate with forest harvested mycorrhizae and then feed with a homemade experimental super juice, alternating with castings/ chicken manure solution. The super juice will be made from kelp juice and Lactobacillus made from rice water, whey and molasses. I'm sure that will be sufficient and it shouldn't cost me a thing. Water is from a borehole. I can see cotyledons peaking from pips, so I'm getting excited, like a broody parent.

      Are you able to tell me how to get a journal started? I have been looking for links and not finding the right thing for this.

    3. Fridge


      Awesome, I'm curious how your soil mix turns out. I've mixed my own soil for this outdoor season too.

      A grow diary would be nice. Just follow the link below and click on "new topic" and you'll open a 'ew thread/grow diary.


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