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  1. Yeah, way too many strains out there to pinpoint exactly what it is. You'll be able to tell if it's leaning towards sativa/hybrid/indica and that's about it.
  2. EvenSteven


    Weed weevils eh? If I was a weevil I'd definitely be a weed weevil too😀
  3. Came here to say the same, but it's happened like 4 times now 😀
  4. Always wondered about this, so you get indicas, hybrids and sativas and everything in between. Harvest time as a rule of thumb, clear trichomes for head rush, cloudy for max THC and more amber more sedating right? Would harvesting a sativa super late so there's mostly amber trichomes give the same effect as harvesting an indica early/just right? Is the high the same? Could also be a differrent combo, like harvesting an indica early so mostly cloudy/some clear trichomes gives you a sativa high? Some stoner ramblings I guess
  5. Joint man here, tried everything else but always go back to them. Bongs make me cough like a mofo and vapes tend to close my lungs up.
  6. Welcome! What strains you got going there? Whats the law like re. weed down under?
  7. For all the rockers/metalheads out there can highly recommend Stoned Meadow of Doom's channel on YouTube, well worth a sub🤘
  8. Thanks peeps, yeah put some pics up in the grow diaries section
  9. Ordered from Sannie's last year but Post Office had other plans, let him know and he reshipped straight away. Pity it was too late by then to get them in the ground was looking forward to some Killing Fields😒
  10. Hey fellow stoners, long time smoker here looking forward to sharing my love for this plant with the rest of you peeps 👌
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