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  1. And this can be reduced by carbon filtering? Are there other ways? Actually, come to think of it, if you do see a too high EC in the runoff, what is the remedy, just more water i.e. flushing until it reaches the correct EC? haha, hence the clever name of the topic? Yes, this is what I'm going to do, I have no intention of transplanting. After germination they are going straight into the final pots. Based on everything that I read, I opted to use 10l fabric pots. As I mentioned elsewhere in this thread, I smoke very, very little. When I used to buy it, I bought about 3g every 3-6 months. As such I have no use for as much as 50g and would probably end up giving most away to friends (this is the plan anyway). This is why autoflowers appeal to me so much, because of their smaller size, reduced yield and generally shorter growing period. I'd rather have a small variety than a large yield that I couldn't possibly use by myself. In fact, I never would've started growing if autos didn't exist. I only learned about them very recently. I am, yes. Thanks for the offer, I'll see how these go first!
  2. From what I've read around 6.2 is where you want to be. Again, this may not be 100% correct but this is most likely what I am going to be aiming for. Indeed. This is why I always read quite a lot and, to a degree at least, try and average out the opinions I get. Thanks, I'm probably going to be posting a grow diary on here. Then everyone can either silently laugh, ridicule, praise or tell me how lucky I am.
  3. Very interested to see as well, please let me know when you've updated it. FWIW, two other friends of mine are also growing autos outdoors as we speak, one planted about a month ago and one about a week ago. The older plant, an Auto Gelato 420, is looking happy and healthy and has had very little attention according to him:
  4. Thanks for the explanation, that seems simple enough. And do you measure this in the runoff after watering only? How else would you do it when you are at the very early stages and cannot measure runoff due to just giving a little bit of water, i.e. not nearly enough to cause any significant runoff? Yes, I intend to let it sit and get to at least ambient temp before watering.
  5. So am I right in understanding that outdoor plants will have more yield than indoor plants, due to the direction of the light and the fact that it moves?
  6. Eish, the odds are not in my favour. I've only got the 4 seeds, so let's see what happens. For how long?
  7. My intention is to do some very, very basic LST, mainly starting with the main stalk after about 3-4 weeks and bending that one down to the opposite end of where they are going to be planted, and then maybe doing a few other of the main branches depending on how it goes from there. I've read up on the method you describe as well, but this seems to be a more prevalant method with shorter, stubby plants with a thick main stem that cannot be bent. Anyway, I'll see how it goes and adjust accordingly. I want to do LST for a few reasons: a) to attempt to maximise any yield during already trying conditions b) to grow shorter, wider plants that's hopefully more inconspicuous and has a higher resistance to wind c) because it seems like a fun thing to do Absolutely, I only intend to do a few steps of it and I'm trying to keep the rest of the plan quite basic. If I've learned anything from the countless hours of videos and whatnot I've watched and stuff I've read, is to try and keep the process simple.
  8. Another question, is it advisable to plant slightly off centre if you intend to do some LST? I see mixed responses on the subject.
  9. I ended up buying it and I also spoke to the company that makes this product on Friday. He suggested about 1 teaspoon. Thankfully it doesn't look like you can overdo it. Yes, based on the discussion I had with the company I bought it from, the plan is to mix a teaspoon or so into the Orgasoilux's top layer, most likely distributing most of it more or less where the seedling will go, and water about 20-25% or roughly 2l. Then let that sit for a good couple of days before planting. That way, hopefully when the seedlings reach the soil it will already have some good stuff going on and not be too harsh on them.
  10. Thanks, I thought as much. Going to be tricky to do that on the roof. Along with the fabric pots I also bought some plastic pot raisers to prevent any water from pooling. Thanks, I still need to do a bit of reading and research on EC and what it means. I know what it stands for and what it respresents, but haven't really assembled any information on what constitutes a good or bad EC. In my case the pots are quite small (10l) and they will only really be moved to a potentially high rain area once they're about a month old, hopefully by that time the leaf coverage will be more adequate. I guess I could just make a small makeshift raincoat for the pots out of a plastic bag if it gets really hectic. Thanks, that's the plan. I aim to test a few controls as well to see how accurate it is. But at this point I will most likely use the tap water filtered through the carbon filter in the fridge.
  11. Like would this be a good option and, more importantly, enough for my 4 autos? https://www.takealot.com/plantmatter-s-myco-plantmatter-mycorrhizal-fungi-substrate-250ml/PLID70922347
  12. Any specific version of this product you can recommend? Also, how and when is this applied?
  13. Pardon my ignorance, but what does this do?
  14. Of the pot size? i.e. in my case, with a 10l pot which is filled with approximately 7.5l worth of soil (and some pebbles at the bottom), about 25% of that in water?
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