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    Deluxe Sugarcane
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    280w total GrowOpz LED lighting, 120x60x180 Mars Hydro Grow Tent.
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    Joints, Bongs, Pipes, Vapes. If it gets me high, I partake!

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  1. Martin7318


    Very nice, man! Some great looking plants! 😁🤘
  2. That's a cool looking tool! At first glance I thought you may have a prototype light saber in your possession. Realizing it's basically a Glucometer for your plant didn't make it any less cool though... 🤣
  3. Welcome, Brendon. Keep your hands and feet in the ride at ALL TIMES! It's a wild one! 😂. Good to have you here 🤘
  4. Damn, that purple fade is beautiful 😅. Looks great 🤘🏼
  5. You have definitely landed at the right place! 😁 As a newbie myself I can vouch for this great community who I have learnt bucket loads from. Very welcoming to new-comers and always a helping hand when needed. Look forward to some updates on the outdoor Autos 🤘
  6. Martin7318


    Damn! If my first grow looks even slightly like this I'll be flippen ecstatic! 😂 Nice grow! 🤘🏼
  7. Martin7318


    Do you use this Serenade as a preventative measure or only as treatment?
  8. Martin7318


    Damn! Thats a proper kak one 😪... So close! I hope they're recoverable to some extent.
  9. Martin7318


    I joined a MMA gym a few years ago, and the conditioning was by far the worst of it. Coach would line the whole gym up in front of you and have each one of them kick and punch you to build your core and legs. I would go home looking like I was beat up after every practice. Cut lips, bruised legs and body pains for days at a time. I gave it up as it made me a generally agro person, which was the opposite of what I planned to achieve there. Good memories though! 😂
  10. This is quite crazy, seems someone got their fingers in the right pie sitting at a table with the right people. R30/g "Wholesale" price is shocking, these guys are going to make an absolute killing! I worry that these big corporations are going to make it impossible for us small guys to get in on the business once it's all legal. They're being given opportunities that others are still being arrested for, and the only reason I can think of that happening is because someones pockets are being filled with cash. This is great news, and I hope to not come across as a serious downer, but this does make me worry a little. I don't know, is it just me?
  11. That would be cool, man! Thanks! We certainly did miss our calling last year 😂 I agree! Video they have up of 2019 looks super cool, hopefully I'll catch you there!
  12. Snap! Also far too new to be entering anything 😂. Could be a fun day out though. Would be cool to meet up with some 420SA members, thought this would be a good place to do exactly that. @CreX, do you know anything about this? Would you be interested in going?
  13. Found this posted in a Facebook group this evening. Anyone here planning on going? Anyone manage to enter?
  14. @The Grass Baas Ah! 2010 was my first Oppi, went up until 2015. Would have loved to see Blindside live, really good band! Good one for a Sunday 🙌
  15. @The Grass Baas Ahh! So good to see a man of culture within this group! Don't suppose you were at the Oppi Koppi where Newtown Knife gang (basically the old 16 Stitch) played a cover of Fallout? They had Brandon Pratt from Red Helen join them for the song. It was amazing, the 5 years I went to Oppi were some of the greatest times of my life!
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