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  1. @Cannabist great initiative. Thanks bud!
  2. Just a heads up that the 2nd prize has changed up a bit: 2nd place wins Sponsored by Green Smoke Room Seeds 10 Golden Retriever Fem Seeds Green Smoke Room Seeds Grinder Green Smoke Room Seeds Stickers Green Smoke Room Seeds Lanyard
  3. I've never heard of anyone being arrested for seeds to be honest. I've heard of seedbanks being shut down in the past but didn't hear of their owners being arrested. I've heard of customs confiscating seeds but not arresting the person the seeds were intended for. We have a few established seedbanks in SA now with owners names out in the public domain. Nothing seems to be happening to them. I don't think the SAPS fully understands their stance on it, nor do they thankfully want to waste resources on it. I think at the end of the day the big issue will become the money and whether its being taxed and that's probably why it hasn't been given a green light by the SAPS/government. I think the shutdowns and confiscations are like a slap on the wrist to prevent you from trying to spend your untaxed money again Last week I received an email from Payfast which is the online payment merchant for the online store. They said that they have disconnected the account because it's "High Risk". They didn't state the exact reason for the account closure but it's most likely because the store is selling seeds. @Cannabist that happened to you too right? I don't think Payfast are 100% sure themselves but are staying on the safe side for now...
  4. @Vinxjo and @Kyle Pienaar you guys still need to contact me via PM for your prize.
  5. @Dank was meant to include the vid It's in my post now
  6. This is probably a clever marketing ploy by the guys who made this video as the purpose of the video isn't to bring to light the title of this thread but it inadvertently does. They test a supposed landrace in the eastern cape that has been growing for "thousands" of years. What's interesting is that the strain tests 9% CBD and 3% THC. Something very uncharacteristic of other landraces in SA. Anyone know what landrace they referring to here? Transkei?
  7. Here are January's SOTM winners! Could the winners please send me a PM with the following details - Your name, Delivery Address and Contact Number for courier. Congratulations to those who won! -------THE WINNERS------- 3rd Place @Chris Jay This was a strongly contested spot but ultimately we decided on this pic for 3rd place as it's a little different from the norm. We like the thought behind it. 2nd Place @Kyle Pienaar Although it's a somewhat straight forward image, there is just something special about it. We think it resonates well with the daily home grower, basically all of us on the forum. The lighting is good, a deserved 2nd place winner. 1st Place @Vinxjo This pic has a lot going for it. Firstly, the moment captured is a rare and perfect one. Then we have good focus, light and depth of field. It's a winner and deservedly takes this month's 1st prize! Congrats!
  8. Sorry for the delay guys. Haven't had a chance to make the announcement post today. Winners will be announced tomorrow morning.
  9. SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH FEBRUARY 2020 Sponsored by www.thehighco.co.za www.greensmokeroomseeds.com www.freedomfarms.co.za What's being given away this month? 1st Prize Sponsored by TheHighCo A TheHighCo Kingsize 420 Mystery Box valued at R995-00 Winner can choose between a 420 or 710 focussed mystery box 2nd place wins Sponsored by Green Smoke Room Seeds 10 Golden Retriever Fem Seeds Green Smoke Room Seeds Grinder Green Smoke Room Seeds Stickers Green Smoke Room Seeds Lanyard 3rd place wins Sponsored by Freedom Farms 1 x Organic Classic Soil 1 x 30L Freedom Pot 1 x Microlife soil conditioner 1 x Fire Juice How to enter? Simply reply to this thread with your entries. Attach the images to your reply or embed the images from a 3rd party website Snapshot of The Month Rules: Original images only please. If your entries are found to have been pulled from the internet your entry will be void. Members can enter a maximum of 5 images each. Images entered this month may not be entered in future competitions. Members can submit photos and/or graphics designs of their own Entries will be narrowed down to 10 nominees which will be placed in a poll. The poll will not be the official decider of the winners though. Members can only come first in an SOTM once every 12 months or 2nd or 3rd twice every 12 months. 420SA and its moderators will decide the winners Entries are judged on: Overall originality - What sets the image apart from others. Wow factor - does the image get attention. Quality and clarity - Is the detail in the image decent. Is the photograph clear, well focused and not blurry. Effort - was there a good amount of thought and effort that went into the image Entries close 29/02/20 Winners Announced 05/03/20 Good Luck! --------------------------------------------
  10. Here are our SOTM January nominees in order of submission: @CreX @Kato @DankFiend @Vinxjo @Jtdipp @Valhalllafarms @Chris Jay @Tamjee Rusty @Kyle Pienaar @Dimitri_JK The poll will be up now and will run till Saturday 12PM. Please note that the poll results will not be the official results. GOOD LUCK!
  11. Please vote for your preferred seedbank based in South Africa, for 2020. Suggestions for additions most welcome
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