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  1. Also have not had good experiances dealing with hydro herb, they had a sister company last year witch i see isn't part of them anymore....
  2. Would say thank you to Bush fire OG for that tolerance
  3. Broooooooooo, Literally heard the voice in my head as i read it
  4. Flower: Royal Cheese Hash: OG Bubble Hash Rosin: Cheese Rosin Pollen : Indoor Kief
  5. Show off your rolled creations
  6. I'm under the impression that you are familiar with Auto growing? I tagged green kush as the man has gone through quite a couple local and international vendors to give some input from the genetic side of things.
  7. Welcome to the forum @Q9550 I've heard good things about Biltong n Buds.
  8. Agreed, but i was not at the previous expo so just want to go check the scene out. 1 day pass
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