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  1. This was posted months ago, and doesn't look like anyway gave you an answer. Those needed a bit more time. If the leaves haven't turned yellow, it's too soon. And 10% amber is the minimum, you want at least 15% ideally. If you are unsure, wait another week. It's easier to chop down too early than too late. I've always regretted chopping too early, never chopping too late.
  2. I recently switched to the CVault. Well worth the money, but pricey nevertheless. The Consol jars I used before weren't really airtight enough. I get much better results with the CVaults. Maybe you guys know of something even better? If there are containers with Hygrometers built in, that would be amazing!
  3. Oh, and you can catch me on smoke.io at https://smoke.io/@sastoners Hope to see some of you there!
  4. Hello Everyone Been growing for about 6 months and hanging out on US forums. Thinking local might be lekker-der! I recently started www.sastoners.com, mostly for fun and to document what I learn. Growing has been loads of fun!
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