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  1. Thanks. Like all things, every day is a learning curve once we have the basics down. Had a few luckshots through bagseed and some horrible failures from popular seed banks. Attached pics of my current grow which includes Blueberry XY, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Amnesia, Rooibaard, Alien OG, Critcal Kush x Exodus Cheese, Gloucester #5 from Amadeadly, Dark Kabbalah, Auto Pineapple & Skunkberry.
  2. Hey fellow cannathusiasts! Glad to have joined. Site looks great & looking forward to connect, learn, share & express my passion for Miss J and the journey thus far... Been an avid smoker for about 15 years, growing for little over 4 years now. Version 4 of my 4x4x2.2m self built polytunnel Greenhouse (see cover photo) and grow in all mediums (hydro, soil, pots & raised beds). My fiance and myself own and run our own Alternative Health Platform where Cannabis became a life changing plant, in my perception, as we immediately started hearing feedback from patients (fiance is a Biofeedback Therapist and does resonance therapy too). I have experimented with land races, hg indoor & bagseed. Favorite strain to grow - Blueberry XY. Favorite to smoke - Sour Diesel. Favorite for doing extraction - Alien OG. But let me not ramble on. Just a little to say 'high'. Looking forward to learning, sharing & meeting new peeps who share the same passion.
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