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  1. Id rather get HLG Boards from Marigrowuana if it is HLG Boards one wants
  2. I bought 10x trimming scissors from them a few years ago, when the order arrived it was normal scissors lol. He did give my money back and told me to keep the scissors
  3. I own a couple of s&p TD silent fans. I have a 100mm for intake and 125mm exhaust. The 125mm is really quiet. Problem is they are huge so only consider if you have space. Got them from fans.co.za
  4. I've been using 15ml of 50% on 1liter and my plants seem like they can handle it. Do it every 2-3 days now
  5. 1 guy already busted for smoking in the que. 4 hawks officers on site
  6. Crikey I've been using 3ml of 50% per liter no wonder the PM don't go away
  7. So many poeple in cpt have PM this season. Its crazy. I actually don't know of a single grower who didn't have issues with PM
  8. Marigrowuana does HLG quantum boards locally but they expensive.
  9. I have a friend who just started flower 6 days ago with an HLG65 in that space. The clone he grows I know very well and have never seen it with such big leaves so I'm very impressed. Another 9 weeks to go before we can really know how it does for flower.
  10. 2 of those that were arrested admitted that there were other issues that lead to the raids so its not the fb groups that are leading to the raids.
  11. I bought an H&M ph80 for like R900 from futurama. I does PH to 1 decimal and temp no EC.
  12. Dr. Green

    Mothership Bongs

    Yeah that's pushing it
  13. I imported secret jardin tents got them off ebay. More expensive but worth it got it under 2weeks
  14. I add lime bonemeal Epsom salt and Microbes with biobizz and some silicon with my ff mix
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