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  1. I use consol jars with hygrometers I got from wish. Was like R200 for 10 hygrometers. Id love CV vault but they are too expensive
  2. I had that same fan. I upgraded to the 125mm version which is much bigger and works much much better than the 100mm and also runs quieter. I only went for the 125mm as my filter came with 100mm / 125mm flanges. My lesson learnt just start with a 150mm and be done with it
  3. I do clones off clones. I have a big budha cheese cut for about a year now still doing strong no issues. Cloned it about 4 or 5 times already and I'm sure it's been cloned many times before I got it. Just make sure they healthy before you take clones.
  4. So I bought a H&M PH80 from Futurama and got it in less than 48hrs. The unit died after just more than 6 months. I mailed them asked if it's under warranty, they sent a courier to collect and after checking with the agents a new unit shipped today. It took about 3 weeks not due to their delay due to the agents. They found corrosion in the batteries. So good work from them I will gladly use Futurama in future
  5. @Pat999 look for one on Facebook market or gumtree I got one that was basically new 12000btu defy for 2k. It comes with 1.5m ducting and its recommended to keep it at 1.5m max.
  6. @Pat999 I just got the AC a week ago. I am yet to sort out the ducting for it as its a portable unit so I haven't started using it yet.
  7. I have a tent in a spare bedroom. Summer to hot winter to humid so I got an AC
  8. I just ordered myself 4 x 60w strips from Atreum with a 240w driver. I will use these to supplement the 315w CMH in my 90cm x 90cm tent. https://atreumlighting.com/collections/frontpage/products/ara-20-led-light-bar They are the most efficient light MIGROW has reviewed on YouTube but I got them due to their shape lol
  9. Id rather get HLG Boards from Marigrowuana if it is HLG Boards one wants
  10. I bought 10x trimming scissors from them a few years ago, when the order arrived it was normal scissors lol. He did give my money back and told me to keep the scissors
  11. TD 250/100 is R1760 excluding vat
  12. I own a couple of s&p TD silent fans. I have a 100mm for intake and 125mm exhaust. The 125mm is really quiet. Problem is they are huge so only consider if you have space. Got them from fans.co.za
  13. I've been using 15ml of 50% on 1liter and my plants seem like they can handle it. Do it every 2-3 days now
  14. 1 guy already busted for smoking in the que. 4 hawks officers on site
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