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  1. Dr. Green

    What are you planning to grow next?

    I organised some kaas clones for a friend so he gave the Chemdawg to me as a thank you.
  2. Dr. Green

    What are you planning to grow next?

    I have some Jackberry, Aztec Rain, herijuana x shiva, girls scout cookies and chemdawg beans waiting to be grown. Dunno when I'd get to them all. I want to select the best plant of my current grow clone it and just grow that next round.
  3. Dr. Green

    Small clip fan

    I haven't found any oscillating clip fans in the local market when I searched. I got 2 from growguru.co.za but they are just 6inch clip fans non oscillating and now out of stock
  4. I agree the slower you dry without mold the better. I just dried a harvest in my grow tent 22 degrees 40%rh 7 days a bit quicker than I like but I just take it off a day early and burp jars to slow it down.
  5. Dr. Green

    Ordering seeds from overseas seedbanks

    Just got one of my Sannie orders I placed it on 19 September got them today. I asked to have it reshipped as it took to long and he did so no problem. Let's hope the other one makes it soon. If you not in a hurry he is a great option very reasonably priced.
  6. Dr. Green

    My first grow.

    I prefer to keep indoor plants indoors to reduce risk of pests. You could do it but i wouldn't
  7. Dr. Green

    Ordering seeds from overseas seedbanks

    I have a friend who use bonza often never had any problems. Currently I think going local is the best. Its fast and there is good genetics available now although you pay for it
  8. Dr. Green

    How much do you smoke a day?

    When I work probably half a gram a day. When I'm off there is no limit. Sadly I work 23 days a month
  9. Dr. Green

    4 Leaf Cannabis

    Very nice i wish I had a plant like that. Lucky you
  10. Do you have a website? Or how do you operate? Couldn't find it in a quick Google search Not to worry I found it https://www.cannasmiths.co.za
  11. Didn't know about Cannasmith will go check it out right away. My sannies order got reshipped yesterday as I have been waiting a month.
  12. Dr. Green

    Filtering an outside intake

    I snatched some panty hose from my girlfriend for my passive intakes. I just got a secret jardin rev4.0 dp60 and they come with a freaking awesome filter and you cut the holes yourself and decide where you want it on your tent. Secret jardin tents are the shit but this is for passive intakes. I will probably use panty hose for my bigger tent when I go active
  13. I've only used Trophyseeds.com. He will order whatever you want it just takes a little longer.
  14. Dr. Green

    Trophy Seeds - Local Seed Bank

    I think trophy is legit and the easiest way to get seeds at the moment. My 4 germinated after 4 days in soil. Good selection fast delivery of quality genetics. I also order from sannie as he is cheap but it takes forever
  15. I ordered single seeds so they came in small hard plastic containers so they won't break inside a padded envelope which is inside the shipping company's plastic bag. I'm happy to report all 4 germinated