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  1. Dr. Green

    What do you use to measure your PH?

    I bought an H&M ph80 for like R900 from futurama. I does PH to 1 decimal and temp no EC.
  2. Dr. Green

    Mothership Bongs

    Yeah that's pushing it
  3. Dr. Green

    CT Grow shop with discounts?

    I imported secret jardin tents got them off ebay. More expensive but worth it got it under 2weeks
  4. Dr. Green

    Origin 2019

    @Smelly Joe we are going to be there before gates open. Space always an issue for camping at Origin we are a large group
  5. Dr. Green

    Origin 2019

    There is no time like now. Do it
  6. Dr. Green

    Origin 2019

    We should link I think we have a few things in common with the syringes and all
  7. Dr. Green

    Origin 2019

    Me looking forward to it missed it last year
  8. Dr. Green

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    Marigrowuana on Facebook their online store is not up yet
  9. Dr. Green

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    I see HLG quantum boards are now available in SA
  10. Dr. Green

    What are you planning to grow next?

    Nope Jackberry from Sanniesshop.com
  11. Dr. Green

    What are you planning to grow next?

    I organised some kaas clones for a friend so he gave the Chemdawg to me as a thank you.
  12. Dr. Green

    What are you planning to grow next?

    I have some Jackberry, Aztec Rain, herijuana x shiva, girls scout cookies and chemdawg beans waiting to be grown. Dunno when I'd get to them all. I want to select the best plant of my current grow clone it and just grow that next round.
  13. Dr. Green

    Small clip fan

    I haven't found any oscillating clip fans in the local market when I searched. I got 2 from growguru.co.za but they are just 6inch clip fans non oscillating and now out of stock
  14. I agree the slower you dry without mold the better. I just dried a harvest in my grow tent 22 degrees 40%rh 7 days a bit quicker than I like but I just take it off a day early and burp jars to slow it down.
  15. Dr. Green

    Ordering seeds from overseas seedbanks

    Just got one of my Sannie orders I placed it on 19 September got them today. I asked to have it reshipped as it took to long and he did so no problem. Let's hope the other one makes it soon. If you not in a hurry he is a great option very reasonably priced.