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  1. 420SA


    Welcome@aussiet79 Are you a born an bred ozzie or are you an ex saffa?
  2. 420SA

    Attention regulars - Moderators wanted

    Damn right! More collateral damage from Eskom
  3. Morning all We're on the lookout for more moderators! We currently have 2 mods based in the Cape so it would be great if we can get some mods from other parts of the country so we can develop a more national representation here. If you spend a good time on the forum and would like to help keep things in order here for the greater good please feel free to give me a shout via PM. All guidelines will be laid out. Mods are still allowed to enter comps so no need to stress over that TIA
  4. 420SA

    Introduction - Rabbit

    Welcome @Rabbit Thanks for joining 420SA
  5. 420SA

    Bud rot or light burn?

    Looks like light burn or heat burn to me
  6. 420SA

    www.organicgrow.co.za scam?

    Not a scam, just a deception. This is what step 2 reveals A clever little way to draw attention to their brand šŸ™„
  7. 420SA

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    @LED God your posts are now flooding this thread unnecessarily. If you have nothing more constructive to add please only post when necessary. This thread is going to be moderated and any further irrelevant posts to the topic will be removed
  8. Is it not R200 000 to get on the ballot? I think they may still have some time to raise the funds and get on that ballot. I unfortunately missed my chance to register this weekend so won't be able to vote in the elections but I'm right there with you. There are no parties worth voting for... those that are worth voting for are small parties and obviously won't contest at all. So the next best thing, as a cannabis user, would be to vote for the Dagga party. Some laugh at that suggestion but I don't think many know that if the Dagga party gets a seat in parliament they can lobby for the right cannabis laws to be put in place. If they aren't in parliament then its totally up to the other idiots to argue, decide and let agendas run amok. They're gonna need around 40 000 to 50 000 votes to get into parliament, which is a HUGE ask. If you want the laws on cannabis to be just in the country vote Dagga party!
  9. Strangely enough I was told about Ormus just yesterday and now this comes up... apparently does wonders for microbes and your soil... got a lot more reading to do
  10. What if some cop decides that your massive plant is deemed enough to constitute dealing? Some trees can easily yield a kg... I've read that some cops have arrested growers on the basis that 5 plants is too much.... now can just say Starke Ayres says its fine http://www.capetalk.co.za/articles/334800/dagga-home-growing-kits-sold-at-ct-nursery-kicking-off-race-for-biggest-harvest
  11. February's SOTMĀ prizes have arrivedĀ :rastabanana

    Courtesy of Fast Buds American Autoflowers


    1. Pvt_sToNeR


      @420SAĀ For President!!!Ā :-thumbsup

      Thank you for always creating sick comps and even sicker prizesĀ :-rolled

    2. YourStonedBuddy


      So keen for this!! oh my days

  12. 420SA

    Online store now open

    Howzit guys Just launched our online store! Right now we're only selling organic growing supplies but will be expanding our options in the near future with apparel and paraphernalia. Hope you guys like. Feedback welcome. https://store.420sa.co.za/
  13. 420SA

    Is this normal

    Depends how you wanna grow. Coco and perlite is a hydroponic medium and needs a stringent feeding regime. If you wanna grow in soil get some freedom farms soil if you can
  14. 420SA

    Mothership Bongs

    I wonder if you can take out insurance for it Apparently you receive a whole entire room like this for free when you order the bong
  15. 420SA

    Is this normal

    There's your issue right there. That stuff is terrible for any plant. Very poor aeration