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    Humboldt Seeds - Amherts Sour Diesel | Rare Dankness - Scotts OG | Rare Dankness - Starkiller OG | Dinafem - Purple Orange CBD | Delicious Seeds - Sugar Black Rose
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    Organic - Own soil Recipe & Organics Matter Living Soil
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    Two 1.5x1.5m Grow Tents. 1 for Veg, 1 for Flower
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    As little as possible. Coconut water
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  1. Welcome @highchome Thanks for joining
  2. Fans.co.za will be your best bet. They're basically a wholesaler of extraction fans and can almost guarantee you'll get a cheaper price from them than the grow shops Email them with a model number asking for a quote
  3. All well and good... but Zane should be calling you
  4. 420SA

    D-Day 20 April 2019

    Copied from the Dagga Couple's FB page
  5. @thegreenfarm let us know about your setup, how you grow, strains etc.
  6. This thread has been cleaned up. Drifted light years away from the point of this topic. @Apollo Flux and @growopz you guys can settle your differences elsewhere. If you want to punt/promote or try to make light that your products are better than anyone else's you can do that through the advertising channels just like others have to. Otherwise let the members here decipher for themselves and report back to the forum. Education is good but when you drag your products into your arguments you can consider those posts removed. Don't even waste your time
  7. Really disappointing. Have you tried to phone them?
  8. The seeds are Regular. Totemic is working on fems and will likely have next year but at present it's regular seeds
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