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Trim Bin/Sift screen


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So I've been looking for something to use for my trimming coming up soon as I approach harvest. I've seen a product online called a "Trim Bin", imported product which is extremely overpriced in my opinion. I've been looking for a local alternative to no avail.

This has lead me to thinking how easy it would be to make my own if I could just find the correct mesh. I've read that anything from 60-120 micron would be good to catch kief and stainless steel is a good "go-to".

Why is no one selling these? Is it not worth the time and effort? What am I missing? And where the hell could 1 purchase said mesh/screen/filter?

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@Martin7318 what's up bud

a while ago I was looking at something similar, I wanted to dry sift some larf to make some hash, asked the question and got a couple options for you,



Then the next option would be to contact all your nearest local baking supply stores around you and ask if they can hook you up with this...


If they don't have that cookie silkscreen they'll most likely have this.... - it's a baking sift, not a normal sift, this sift screen is way way finer than a normal sift, but this will still let a lot of plant material through - this might be the same stainless steel mesh they use for the "trim bins"


last resort would be building your own, I looked at building my own silk screen, as you probably noticed, they're not cheap. Much better price than the 1.5K for a "trim bin". finding silk mesh is harder to do than I thought and what I did find was rolls of the stuff with prices way worse than just buying one of those premade screens with aluminium. what I did find in terms of a screen mesh you could use is this 30cm x 30cm screen with 200 threads per inch, very very very fine will do the job you looking to do, but again not cheap, at least you don't have to buy a whole roll of it. then comes the stretching and securing it onto your border.


personally, I am saving up for a set of 3 of those screens in the first option. 

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@Naughty.Psychonaut Ah! Thanks for the input, dude 🙌🏼. Definitely adds a few other options for me.

I came across those round baking "sieves" last night and thought it could work. It was a cheaper alternative if I'm remembering correctly.

The first option you have here, which you say you would go for, is down at 44 microns. That's super fine. Not too fine, maybe?

I found the following site for the mesh, and seems like a good option to me:


200 mesh which is about 74 micron. 300x200mm is a decent enough size I'd say?

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14 hours ago, Martin7318 said:

The first option you have here, which you say you would go for, is down at 44 microns. That's super fine. Not too fine, maybe?

yeah that might be too fine, the picture I posted was just to give a visual representation of what I am talking about, if you click the link you'll see it takes you to the page with all the options from 32T all the way up to 120T. 

you can choose a less finer one, though I wouldn't say the 120T is too fine, you'll just have less contaminants fall through than with a less finer mesh, giving you higher quality resin head isolation. 

the ideal thing to do would be to get multiple different screens. don't know if you've seen any of mr.Canuks content on youtube? here is a good video for you to watch right now 

then I would also recommend checking out this guys videos on youtube, check his whole channel, you'll learn a lot about dry sifting and solventless hash from mark the bubble man. 


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Found another place that sells the actual "Trim Bin", cheaper than elsewhere but still too damn high of a price 😂


I see they also have replacement screens coming in. That may even be an option, but interestingly those are only 220 micron. 

@Naughty.Psychonaut Thanks for the YouTube suggestions. I know Mr. Canuks stuff is great 😁

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