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Love bug or hate bug?


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Howzit fellow growers

I'm back with another insect query.

This time it is an insect that i'm unfamiliar with in my area. Did some Googling which pointed me to a South American specie called, The Lovebug. Couldn't find anything else on this foreign visitors. They are mating like crazy and only gathering in and around my living soil bed. Don't want to interfere too much with Mother Nature's creatures but this one seems odd.

Any advice would be lekker. Thanks✌️





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5 hours ago, sunwestgenetics said:

I've search it online and found that it's a Arizona Blister Beetle, which can cause blisters on your skin, so better use glove or any protective when going near it. 

not so sure man... those things have exposed wings, and seems like a soft body.

very unlike the blister beetle

Master Blister Beetle in the Sonoran Desert

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Had a blister bug encounter in Mozambique once, nasty little critters. The #$%@er got into my t-shirt and I was trying to get it out and it was panicking and secreting blister juice.. woke up the next day with huge blisters on my chest, aaaaaarrrgh!! 😖

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