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My knowledge of serum is zero to nada. Will get some tips from you. Regarding the P%$^& expensive part. Meant that Organic nutes is P877676 expensive. That's also part of the reason that i switched to No-till living organic soil. If you keep a hand on it with lasagne layering etc it will sustain a good couple of grows without having to start all over.

Lekker bra✌️

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7 hours ago, Weskush said:

My knowledge of serum is zero to nada. Will get some tips from you. Regarding the P%$^& expensive part. Meant that Organic nutes is P877676 expensive. That's also part of the reason that i switched to No-till living organic soil. If you keep a hand on it with lasagne layering etc it will sustain a good couple of grows without having to start all over.

Lekker bra✌️

Yeah man Organic is wayyyyy cheaper, Like alot alot cheaper. I cant remember the last time I spent money on amendments, and when I finally do have to buy the odd kelp meal, lime etc. its like 50-100 buck a litre... This is why I really cant understand people saying doing full no till organics is more expensive than the bottle nutes. I can understand not wanting to stress over mixing soil and yadiya, but now with all our soil brands that offer high quality soils from the bag and re-amendment packages, it really is a win over-all, in-terms of the budget.


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The 1st batch I prepared got messed up due to clumsiness.... I started it up again and now we are at part 2. 

The rice water had a sour dough smell to it which meant it was on the right track. I took it out yesterday and it smelled sweetish which meant it was good to go. The 3 layer were also quite visible and I got to work this morning. 




My ingredients/steps for the next part:

500ml rice water (middle layer of rice water) 

1L full cream milk 

Jar to place everything in. I have this spout jug which is really handy. 

Put rice water in jug, add all the milk and cover with a breathable "lid". I just use kitcken paper towel. As long as it can breath... 



Now its back to the cupboard for 5 - 7 days so that it can do it's thing... 





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I noticed that the beans are pulling in quite a bit of aphids. Tomorrow I will chop them down and get rid of it before things get out of hand. I also noticed whitefly around so its time to treat the area and keep doing ot every week.



The Slurricane Cheese sexed female but will still keep an eye on her. The pistils is still small ans I can't get a pic of it... 




And on a different note, does anyone know what plant this is. Saw it today on my way out from a client. Cant seem to find it due to insufficient knowledge.... 








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oh man, bugs sure do love them some bean plants. I have infestations on my beans every year, gona try out some dragons tongue, but each year I start seeing bugs on the beans it's not long before I see them on other plants too 🤦‍♂️ 

on those beans you picked, I can't really make out the plant? is it just a stalk with some bean pods on it? looks like you got some wild beans there man, magical beanstalk, though those look pretty average 😅 not sure about species, will have a look see if I can find out for you 

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Day 1



Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


So i added the milk to the infected rice water and let it stand for 4 days. As you can see, there isnt much difference between day 3 and 4 so tomorrow moring I will tap off the whey(500ml) and add that to 9L of water and mix in 500ml of Molasses


After it is mixed, letbit sit for a week. After that you mix it 100ml/10L water. Will post pic tomorrow to show final step...


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I mixed it all together, stirred it up to make sure all the molasses is dissolved. Now its in my grow tent to sit and mingle for a week. The tent is not in use at this moment so it perfect. 

All mixed up :


I will check on it daily and will also take pics and post them when the weeks done. It sucks that it rainy todat and for the next day or 2. 


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The mix is done. Not a lot of action, but the life is there, I think. Gave it to some corn, Broccoli and Jalapeños and they showed growth the next day. 

So I took my extra planted seedlings and gave them a dose from a young age. They werw transplanted in the amendment soil mix. I added mycoroot and watered them with declorinenated water and Lacto Serum. 

Now its a waiting game, I guess but so far i see no ill effect and growth is there... 

Lactobacillus Serum:

Pics is from day 1 to now:



The seedlings that's helping me out with this test :






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  • 2 weeks later...

It is time for an


#1 Slurricane Cheese


Haven't had the joy to grow this before and the info on the web isn't that much. And also not guaranteed that it is a Slurricane Cheese because it was gifted to me by someone who I dont trust to much. But hey, its a lady and she looks decent

#2 Bruce Banner #3 


Tried getting a female for 3 seasons now and it finally happened. I am super stoked to grow this strain because I have grown a few BB crosses before and all was amazing. And to grow the OG will be awesome. 

#3 Banner Buscuits


Talking about growing a few crosses, I have chosen the Girl Scout Cookies x Bruce Banner, dubbed Banner Biscuits by myself. She delivers rock hard nugs, trichome covered and knocks like a fucking freight train. Any pain quickly dissapears after a few hits from her

#4 Pineapple Chunk 


This is also another great strain. Grew it out last season and was very pleased with the tightness and smella of this plant. After a few weeks of curing the Pineapple smelss comes through quite intensely 

#5 Blue Kush Berry 


Seeds were bought few years back as regulars. I took a male and female, pollinated the lady and now I have some of my own seeds. I fogot about these seeds and very happy I got a lady

Coffee Compost 


I received a bag of Composted Coffee from a friend but not sure what the dosage is. I asked if it is just dried coffee grounds but he said that its Composted coffee... 

Hay Mulch


Got myself 2 huge bags af hay. Great thing is that its fine and I guess its the leftover pieces from the bales. Mulched my soil and now they look so much happier... 







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@Weskush, I hope you are ready for a few pages from the Smelly Joe Archives.... LoL

I used to be an indoor grower (small scale... Very Very small scale) and always dreamed about being able to grow with free energy, but always living in flats/complexes I never really had the chance. Always ran out of weed and had to buy every month costing quite a few bucks

Then one day a house came across our path and everything fell into place the way it was supposed to be, I guess, and I had SPACE!!!!!!!! 

1 st season came and I ordered seeds. Was super stressed cause seeds were taken by customs, but luckily I had seed insurance and new batch was shipped after providing them the evidence letter that the seeds were ceased. Got my seeds through speedmail and went forth and planted them. They grew SOOO well until mid summer. The sun just raped the pots. 

Temps were hitting 45 - 48C, no wind, just pure fucking SUN POWER. They took alot of damage and I lost 1 or 2. At that time I was on the local cannabis forum, and I saw a post from a grower that changed my way of thinking about growing. The OG forum guys will remember him... 


Legend in the growing field at that time and Im sure he still grows decent quality wherever he is. 

He mentioned to drop the pots into the ground. That made so much sense and ever since then I dropped my pots into the ground. 

The other reasons for that is that it helps with stability, as you mentioned, when those wind storms come by and it also drops the height of the plant so that it can grow taller with getting to tall as to not tempt the neighbors to much. 

The bottoms is intact but the bottom area has been modified and exra bigger holes (20mm) were drilled to help with drainage and also when roots want to exit the pots.  I also have a problem with cats pissing and shitting in the garden so i can cover the pots to keeps the cats out and the piss wontget to my roots. Almost got that cat situation sorted out. Just a few more that comes by. 




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Shot. Makes total sense but why not just dig a whole and fill with your preferred medium? Guess less chance of your soil getting polluted, mole protection etc. and the option to relocate in case of emergency? Also noticed cats wandering to my grow bed to piss inside. Chicken wire should do. 

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I wanted to do a lasagne bed for this season but was under the impression that we were going to move to another place. So I didnt do what I wanted to and when I heard we are not going yet it was past the time to start a bed. So I opted for the other option. 

I noticed 1 mole the other day so thats just another tick to why I plant in pots. 

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On 10/29/2021 at 9:13 AM, Weskush said:

Makes total sense but why not just dig a whole and fill with your preferred medium?

Technically when growing outdoors at your house or anywhere these days actually. It's not advisable to be growing in the soil around your yard. Unless you've had your soil tested for contaminates, you should be growing in containers.





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Ok boys, here we are again. Its that lovely UPDATE time. Things has been going very well. They seem to like the soil mix and the added Bloodmeal probably is to thank for that, because they have been fed once in total since planting out. 

Jacky White 

She is new to the garden. I still haven't sexed her but she did come from some decent Jacky White bud from last season so I kinda hoping for that female to show in a week or 2. 


Blue Kush Berry 

Still on the small side, but thats supposed to be like that I think. With the Shiskaberry gene in there and she should be a smaller tree than the others  with a short flowering time. 


Pineapple Chunk 

She just loves the morning sun. Her side branches is starting to push out for that all to familiar christmas tree look


Banner Biscuits 

Also another good looking plant. Strong and sturdy. Leaves are big and healthy 


Slurricane Cheese 

Really excited about this. Havent had a cheese strain in a while


Bruce Banner#3 

Short and sturdy. Loving the leaf structure. Also on the shorter side but starting to catch up





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On 11/4/2021 at 9:47 PM, Naughty.Psychonaut said:

Loving the layout of the garden there! 🤠 

Thanx. Compared to last season I have much more space thanx to the misses. LoL.  Last season I had a 4 x 1.5m area that I managed 8 plants in and because of that sone strains didnt grow to their full potential. So I expanded my area to let each one have a proper grow area to grow uninterrupted. 

Got myself some Seagro yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the price. I know prices need to be adjusted accordingly, but it is becoming more clear that I must turn to making my own FAA and just fully commit to making my own feeds

But for now I will buy a bottle or 2. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

high school graduation spongebob GIF by University of Florida


Almost feels that long but it has only been a month since last update. I was gonna post weekly but monthly seems just better in terms of seeing the difference in the plants. 

Jacky White ( Bud Seed) 

At 1st I was worried about planting one so late as to getting it all done and dusted as asual, but I am pleasantly surprised at how good she is doing.  She really pulled through that long windy spell we had.  



Blue Kush Berry 

Also very surprised at how well she is growing. The seeds is about a 1/3 of a normal seed, but just look at how proud she is standing 



Pineapple Chunk 

I guess Mother Nature decided she was growing to tall and smacked her down. She took a beating with the wind and lost 1 branch. I had tondo a lot of cleaning with all the growth now laying on the floor. She recovered quickly turning herself into a shrub... 



Banner Biscuits 

Also smacked around and thrown to the ground. I decided just to tie her down in that position, clean out bottom growth and let her recover. I also did a deflation and she responded very well. 



Slurricane Cheese 

Braced her aswell after wind pulled and pushed her around, and it doesn't even seems to have bothered her a bit. She is just growing 


Bruce Banner #3 

Looking forward to that puff after a 4 week cure..... Mmmmmmm🤤🤤



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