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Smelly Joe's Outdoor Grow

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17 out of the 22 seeds cracked and shot taproot. 3 x Bruce Banner 1 x GSC and 1 x BKB is still in the paper towel room. I will add 2 more Bruce Banner seeds to germinate if i dont see anything by Sunday. 




I finished digging the 40L holes for each plant.  Still need to get stakes to brace them for that heavy winds 




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So far, so good. It seems as if the succes rate is better than expected. I see all 5 x Pineapple Chunks is alive. Both Chocolate Gelato's alao came up which means their journey will start on a separate thread soon.. There is life with Bruce Banners ans I am super surprised about the Blue Kush Berry that is alive. I bred them myself a long time ago. Grew some out once and they were quite a yield. 


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@PsyCLown, I hope you can help me or know somwone that can help or answer this question.

This is a piece of pine that i placed in my garden to hopefully create an environment where I can get some free mycillium. Is this the type of mycillium we want or is it different???. 

I should start mixing my soil mix a f few weeks so I just want to make sure... 


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So here they are. The competitors for the 2021 Outdoor Grow. 3 x still needs to pop up from the soil. Their soil layer has risen so they will be out within a day. 



Even on this rainy day they are kept warm and snug with a lovely 23C  😉



The Slurrican Cheese is also starting to grow into a beautiful little plant. "She" will be big if all goes to plan



I will also report back with the Lactobacillus Serum stage. Tomorrow is 7 days but hopefully i can start today... 





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just a little :-2cents - this could possibly mean nothing here, but just a few pointers to keep in mind when working with pine 😅

when composting we avoid pine wood/bark/needles all together, because it messes with the ph of the soil. when planting acid loving plants such as Fynbos, Hydrangeas and Azaleas it's recommended to add some pine bark/needles to turn the soil acidic. 

pine oil is also antifungal which makes it harmfull to some microbes, the mycelial mass you see there is most probably one specific species that love pine and might not be a rhizomorph (a fungus growing in symbiotic relation with plants) that looks to be more of a saprotroph (fungus that grows on dead or decaying organic matter). 

when we forage mushrooms we don't pick mushrooms growing on or near pine trees as the pine juice / oil is not good for human consumption and the mushrooms or well any microbial life upsorb it unknowingly. 

generally I don't like putting any decaying wood in my soils, unless still in the composting heap while it's cooking. the reason is because the life inside the rhizosphere is not active enough to break down whole peices of wood fast enough so it becomes a breeding ground for unwanted pathogens and even lures insect life, who knows there might even be eggs already laid inside the wood. 

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1 hour ago, Naughty.Psychonaut said:


pine oil is also antifungal which makes it harmfull to some microbes, the mycelial mass you see there is most probably one specific species that love pine and might not be a rhizomorph (a fungus growing in symbiotic relation with plants) that looks to be more of a saprotroph (fungus that grows on dead or decaying organic matter). 


That is not what rhizomorph means, the literal meaning is root forms. Rhizomorph's can either be friend or foe, so they are not all classified as symbiotic. 

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3 hours ago, Naughty.Psychonaut said:

good to note that depending on which rhizomorph and which crop you'll have variabilities in the outcome of the relationship. some will be companions some will be competition. 

Once again I think you got it mixed up with mycorrhizal.


Not all fungus forms a symbiotic relationship with every plant. Some only with certain plants etc.

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@PsyCLown well, I get what you're saying, that not all fungus form a symbiotic relatioship with all plants, that's spot on. 

however, what I said is that "mycorrhizal" fungi grow in symbiosis with plants. in general. 

rhizomorphs, on the other hand, cast a broad net of different kinds of "root forming" species, (plants rhizomorph aswell, because they form roots, not only fungus) and from the group of all rhisomorphs you might find a few that don't grow in symbiosis with certain plants. 

Rhizomorph was just the wrong word, but mycorrhizal fungi cannot affect your crop negatively, because that literally deminishes the meaning of the word mycorrhizal. 

here is a pdf, first few words will explain.




 you can google if you want a more reliable source 😁

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  • 2 weeks later...

Update pic of the young ones. Soon they will go into bigger pots for sexing. Im pretty sure the Pineapple Chunk will give mostly female, I hope. Really hoping for Bruce Banner fems. Havent had a single female from the whole batch. 


Just for record, the Chocolate Gelato has their own thread due to them being testers for cannabist. So if you are interested in maybe getting that strain in the future, pop in there and check it out. 

Here is some info I have on those seedlings I do have ready for the season. These are my own personal description of what I experienced :


Originally got Pineapple Chunk from Paradise Seeds and one pollinated due to a little stress, I guess. The result so far has been pretty good. The buds is hard, compact and trichome covered. After 2 weeks of curing it does smell like pineapple and after grinding it up as well. It gets me pretty goofed after 2 or 3 pipes and taste decent, smooth and citrussy... 

Blue Kush Berry:

Regular Seeds was purchased from Sannies Seeds more than 5 years ago.Might be 8.  Got a male and female and tried my hand at breeding. They were bred under cfl's and the plants was small due to stealth. The seeds were very small and about half the size of regular seeds. Cant remember the profile but stay tuned to find out. 

Girl Scout Cookies x Bruce Banner#3: 

GSC - BC Bud 

BB#3 - Dark Horse Genetics

Was given seeds by another forum friend/hobbiest grower/plant guru to test and holy shit, I was blown away. Frosty, hard and sticky Sativa dominant lady. Buds was easy to trim seeing that had a golfball type bud and the bud to leaf ratio was little. Easy to trim and a pleasure to smoke. 

Gets me through a day of pain. Takes away a lot of tension and gets me lekker stoned. A great night time smoke after a heavy and kak day... 

Bruce Banner #3 

Dark Horse Genetics

In hopes of getting a female from this one. Haven't grown it out yet but hoping to this year... 

Royal Banner:

Royal Gorilla - RQS

BB - Dark Horse Genetics 

One of my favorite strains to date. Smells sweet with deep aroma. Upon exhaling I get a pleasant cheese aftertaste. Even though all my strains get me high, this one just knocks me from the 1st inhale and when I keep the hash for last,..... Phew 😁

Slurricane Cheese :

Was given as a present from a friend next door. Let try and see what happens 

1st time growing this one. Also not sure if its male or female

So that's it for now. Have a great Saturday and enjoy the rest of this weekend





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So I transplanted and things just dont seem cool. I planted more seeds as backup but I'm not sure about some of them. The other look better and it could be due to the cold nights and that hectic wind that's been blowing lately. But anyway, I'm heading out to get some ammendments for my soil mix. 





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I would try top dress with worm castings and then water throughly. Been having some great success with my outdoor tortoni they also they loose alot of water in this wind, the soil looks a little dry.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Batista said:

I would try top dress with worm castings and then water throughly. Been having some great success with my outdoor tortoni they also they loose alot of water in this wind, the soil looks a little dry.

The bottom of some of the pots still feels cold and wettish, but tomorrow I will give them all a topping of EWC. Its as if you knew I had some spare castings laying around. I also think I added to much Potting Soil to the mix and reason for heavy feel to the pots. Thanx for the feedback @Batista...


1 hour ago, Weskush said:

They look pretty good hey. The leaf cupping and slight drooping is heat related i think. The topsoil also looks a bit on the dry side like @Batista mentioned. Otherwise ayoba✌️

@Weskush, The wind has been crazy past few days and the only good day was Sunday but thanx for the input. The top soil was loosened to get the soil to dry out quicker. But will water them tomorrow. 

On another note, I found a grow shop in Paarl called Green Houston. They are reasonably priced and stock Mycoroot and Blood Meal. If any of you are in the area, pop in. Their Mineral Feeding area is realy small because they are much more focused on organic growing... And on the plus side, they give free samples of Humid & Fulvic Acid with purchases. 

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I finished my soil mix and also added 2 new ingredients to my mix. Bloodmeal and Bonemeal

My soil mux consists of the following :

50/50 Coco - Perlite 

70/30 Coco - Perlite

Potting Soil




Rock Phosphate 

Mycoroot upon transplanting 



I made the drainage holes bigger and added some more for better drainage with a 20mm paddle bit. Then I washed them and hung them out to dry



The Potting Soil was quite wet and clumpy so I whipped out some black plastic and layed it out and let it dry out a bit while I was busy mixing the soil



I also started up the airpump to get the water Declorinenated for when I'm done. I finished the mix, topped it of with a nice mulch layer of compost and watered in all down. Now its just waiting to see who sexes female and then transplant... 



So thats it for now, have a great evening and chat again soon... 




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Looks good bru👌

With my mix, i added some additional amendments and also some bat guano pellets not listed. Once a week i will water it down with some Epic 5:2 at 1/4 teaspoon/10L rainwater.

Check out my mix:

I used Subcool's New Super Soil Mix recipe as reference and added a couple of additional amendments as per recommended ratios.


Here follows my recipe and total volume is about 250L or 9 cubic ft:

Base Mix:

- 3 x 30l compost mix

- 3 x 20l potting soil mix (peat moss based)

- 1 x 20l sand (mix of mostly sand and fine clay from garden)

- 5 x 1kg Coco Coir bricks

- 1 x 30l bag Perlite


1kg Bone Meal

- 3 x cups Kelp Meal

- 3/4 cup Epsom salt

- 1 x cup Dolomite lime

- 1kg Soft Rock Phosphate

- 5L Biochar

- 1L Diatomaceous Earth

- 1L Insect Frass (BSFL)

- 1L Basalt Rock Dust

- 1 cup Gypsum

- 1 cup sprouting barley seeds for kicks

Note: This is the first time that i made my own living organic soil. In the past it was the Biobizz line all the way. Works like a charm but poes (apologies moderators) expensive and the living organic way seems more sustainable and of course cost effective in the long run.

Peace brother and will follow along on your growing journey✌️

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I have read about that soil mix and been wanting to recreate it aswell, but as you so beautifully put it, its poes expensive yes. But once you create a living soil, I figured its set for a long time??? 

Your plants must be loving that mix. Sounda awesome and definitely got that microbe action going on there. 

My Lactobacillus Serum should be done in a week or 2. If my selection is made the serum should be done then I'll start introducing some microbes of my own as well... 

Will surely pop in to your thread. Its just crazy how time consuming the prep work is for the ladies... But its all worth it 😁😁😁

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