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  1. @ORGANinc. those lotus head crosses !!
  2. Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen by Stephanie Hua , Coreen Carroll , Linda Xiao Browsed through a decent amount of cook books and this one stood out, pretty interesting recipes but also a lot of useful info for anyone who is just looking into making edibles / cooking with weed
  3. @Darclinc Maybe save the autos for the beginning of summer next season. I would say if you plan on growing in winter next season maybe start some photoperiod plants towards the end of autumn - they should stay on the smaller side depending what you decide to go for
  4. I was actually about to mention the Teaming with books a bit later today I got a few decent recommendations on some cooks books I'll post later
  5. Greetings everyone ! - I know this topic has been posted before but I have felt like reviving it. Please note any book related to cannabis goes (growing, breeding, extracts, cooking, soil management) ! I'm actually trying to find something other than your average all in one grow bible if that makes sense articles are also welcome ! There are a lot of books I can't think of right now but I'll start off with: Marijuana Botany: An Advanced Study: The Propagation and Breeding of Distinctive Cannabis by Robert Connell Clarke Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany by Mark Merlin and R. C. Clarke Hemp Diseases and Pests: Management and Biological Control: An Advanced Treatise by J. M. McPartland & R. C. Clarke & D. P. Watson
  6. They have Trademark Chad by Riot in stock - OMFG !!!!!
  7. https://limitedbeans.com/Product/doggy-bag-regular-10-pieces/
  8. Why you washing them ? Am I missing something here ? edit: aaaaahhhhhh I scrolled passed that part - yeah no 100% wash them
  9. Outdoor grown Beach Bum X Holy Cherry Dry Sift 120 micron - The terps were similar and I really couldn't tell the difference in trichome size from either 3 plants so ended up running everything together. Literally had to do the 120 as I don't have a 90 atm and I couldn't get it to go through the 75 ........
  10. Good day people ! Hoping someone on the forum can point me in the right direction here. I've been looking for Sakura tree seeds and cannot seem to find anywhere. Only online store I came across was seeds for Africa, but they are out of stock ........
  11. Can someone please explain to me how this term ended being used for growing out cut only cultivars/varietals ? isn't it already a monocrop if you are just growing cannabis ? - I've been hearing it a lot lately and its just so confusing because in agriculture it simply means growing one crop and only that crop on your land no ?
  12. I hope we not scaring you away from growing the auto's Maybe check out these guys pages @SkunkPharm @DamDave @Bay Seeds @Prom @Pants - These are just some of the people on the forum with good auto grows, Prom grows a lot from Nirvana if I'm not mistaken hopefully he has grown a few of the same strains. Defiantly check his page out
  13. Thanks - Hopefully we get to see your grows too
  14. Hey man ! Well it's not impossible to grow in winter you should understand autos can be a pain in the ass and depending on where you stay you'll have to take the temp drops and frost into consideration. I stay in Gauteng and I can grow the whole year as long as I've got frost covers over my plants during winter - I only grow photoperiods in winter though.
  15. The Witcher games are amazing ! Man I downloaded the Epic stores because they give away free games each month, they having some event/sale at the moment and so far I picked up BioShock: The collection and Borderlands 3
  16. THE MALE I KEPT ?!?!?!?! Let me just say he was kept in his own little improvised hot house and sprayed with a veggie oil mix to help stop pollen from dropping and flying everywhere (sprayed 2 times a days aswell as the whole hothouse) So I ended it keeping it because we literally snapped the stem and a week later it was still alive while all its brother were dead - I said fuck it I'm keeping it till it dies own its own.
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