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@PsyCLown yes yes bro. Absolute class those 2 Austrians. New album was off the hook. They also have a new single out "No Tomorrow".... epic....

Your Hospital podcast was the perfect Friday vibe, thanx good sir. 

Some other respectable folks whose beats I dig are:

Nero, Pendulum, Flume, Sub Focus, Worakls, Nto, Joachim Pastor, Stephan Bodzin,  DJ Shadow, Miike Snow, RJD2, Stimming to name a few.. I could go on forever 😅

Then I also like metal, alternative, dubstep, progressive house, electro, classical and basically anything that sounds nice. 🔊

Camo & Crooked actually did an amazing set with the reb bull symphony last year. Magic how they melted the sounds together.

And then also a last shoutout to Goldie.... D&B Godfather 

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38 minutes ago, John Stonedwell said:

Epic epic mix thanx for sharing!! Really brilliant visuals as well. Takes me back to Afrikaburn :-meditate 

We were supposed to burn for the first time in 2020, but unfortunately Rona dashed them plans. 

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@PsyCLown oh hellz yes!! Thanx for the share man. Feeling the midweek vibes with this fire mix.

His voice reminds me of Pete Tong... used to listen to a lot of his BBC Radio 1 sessions. Always dropped wicked tracks on his show. 

Yeah and that Mogwai track is class... and yes, the world would be a better place. Paul Stamets would agree :investigating

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