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  1. @greenkushThat plant looks great!!! Nice💪 I grew for many years using synth nutes and coco on a drain to waste program. Once dialed in, it's where I grew my biggest and most potent bud to date. Nothing wrong with synth nutes and results are great if used correctly with the right parameters and technique in place. After watching a few YouTube videos and seeing what some of the more organically experienced members on the forum where doing, I decided to give it a try at the beginning of the year. It's been a very educational and informative transition, as I've learnt so much more
  2. @SkunkPharmYour plant looks great and ur results speak for themselves. I have also had good success with the soil in the past but the last batch was problematic for me. Below is a pic of my GDP that was grown in FF soil but I BOMBED it with biobizz 😂 @BurlyTry not over water the plants either and let them dry in between waterings. Sometimes over watering can manifest itself as a lockout. Hope they bounce back and grow some fat kolas.
  3. That's perfect, as long as it's unsulphured and organic it should be hundreds @Burly
  4. @BurlyOnly a pleasure bud, that's what this platform is here for. If u are feeding biobizz at every watering, then have u halfed ur dosages as recommended by them? I know they recommend feeding at every watering to maintain a consistent root zone EC but ul b surprised how badly the plants want a plain drink from time to time. When using biobizz make sure not to water till runoff but saturate the medium properly and try break up the feeds with a plain ph watering. U can add the Biodyne to ur biobizz or u can use it separately in conjunction with the molasses. Give them a big whack of
  5. My GSR genetics run on the soil mix mentioned above and compost tea. No bottle nutes and girls seem proper happy so far. Also, trying square to round long pots for this run
  6. @BurlyTry dropping ur ph to 5.5-5.9 and see if the lockout subsides. As mentioned above, that soil is aggressively buffered so ul have to follow their ph regime to get the right ph in the medium. Try measuring ur runoff or medium ph to give u an indication of where you are. Get the Biodyne and black strap molasses if u can. I have personally used biobizz and I am not crazy about their macro nutrient offerings.
  7. @Burly As @GGGhas rightly said, the microlife is a fermented molasses and fish hydrosolate that feeds the microbes. It is enriched with Em1 but you'd be better off supplementing with a proper consortium such as ExploGrow. I personally use EmPro soil as it is affordable and has worked great for me so far. @Burlywhat are your rh and temps? How often are you feeding them Biobizz?
  8. @Live CannaThanks for the insert,i also popped them an email a while back and got the same info. I totally agree that their soil is aggressively buffered and their ph watering regime has to be followed to obtain optimum results - in my limited experience that is😅 How often do u feed them biobizz and what's ur dilution ratio? Ml/l?
  9. @GGGThanks for the informative info above. Based on the advice given in the thread by other members, I started supplementing with microbes and also dropped my watering PH. I have been using Microlife to adjust my ph as I discovered it's very acidic and a few ml's/l seems to do the trick. After persisting with the microbial consortiums and the lower ph, the plants bounced back and made a full recovery. I have since then starting mixing my own ammended coco using a version of @Totemic recipe that I found on the forum. I noticed that I suffer from COWS(chronic over watering
  10. @SkunkPharmThanks for your advice, I have just given the plants a feeding of Efficient Pro Soil, not sure how much I was supposed to use as the directions for application on the bottle are more suitable for commercial agriculture. I applied 4ml/l and did not ph the mixture. Do you water till runoff or not? And how much do you let your soil dry out before watering again? Thanks a mil
  11. Hi guys, Thanks for the replies. I am using FF Microlife, Fish mix, Bio Grow, Root juice, Top max and Bio Bloom. After mixing the biobizz with my dechlorinated tap water the ph sits at around 6.7-6.8. I am adjusting it further using GH PH down to around 6-6.3. I have also added EM Pro soil microbes too, in addition to the FF Microlife which is a product I really enjoy using. I was applying one biobizz feed and then a light FF Microlife feed at every other watering. One feed, one micro. I have been quite zealous using the microbes, should I inoculate the soil further
  12. Hi guys, I've been growing in FF Premium classic for a while now and I can't help but notice a pattern in deficiencies across various plants snd strains. I've been using the soil in conjunction with the Biobizz range, and I've been trying to utilize the ammended organic nutrients fortified within the soil before applying the bottled nutes. I have been watering with a ph of 6-6.3, as Biobizz recommends a range of 6.2-6.3. This is where my problems begin and I would greatly appreciate any feedback or advice....... My plants have started showing discolouration across
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