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  1. @SkunkPharmThanks for your advice, I have just given the plants a feeding of Efficient Pro Soil, not sure how much I was supposed to use as the directions for application on the bottle are more suitable for commercial agriculture. I applied 4ml/l and did not ph the mixture. Do you water till runoff or not? And how much do you let your soil dry out before watering again? Thanks a mil
  2. Hi guys, Thanks for the replies. I am using FF Microlife, Fish mix, Bio Grow, Root juice, Top max and Bio Bloom. After mixing the biobizz with my dechlorinated tap water the ph sits at around 6.7-6.8. I am adjusting it further using GH PH down to around 6-6.3. I have also added EM Pro soil microbes too, in addition to the FF Microlife which is a product I really enjoy using. I was applying one biobizz feed and then a light FF Microlife feed at every other watering. One feed, one micro. I have been quite zealous using the microbes, should I inoculate the soil further with additional microbes? Thanks for the help 🙏
  3. Hi guys, I've been growing in FF Premium classic for a while now and I can't help but notice a pattern in deficiencies across various plants snd strains. I've been using the soil in conjunction with the Biobizz range, and I've been trying to utilize the ammended organic nutrients fortified within the soil before applying the bottled nutes. I have been watering with a ph of 6-6.3, as Biobizz recommends a range of 6.2-6.3. This is where my problems begin and I would greatly appreciate any feedback or advice....... My plants have started showing discolouration across the leaves, a yellowing of the leaf edges accompanied by a reduction in the intensity of the green coloring too. I did a runoff watering today and discovered that the soil ph was at 7.1, which based on my rudimentary research leads me to believe that it is out of 'range' for organic growing. After a bit more reading I discovered that FF recommends a watering ph of 5.5-6.0. Would this not be too low to stimulate microbial life? Also, why is the medium ph so high if my fertigation is at a far lower ph? I will attach pics below of the deficiencies, but I would greatly appreciate any input from fellow members who have experience with this soil and the correct ph required to unlock its full potential. Thanks 🙂
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