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  1. Hey guys Been there once...done exactly that! Went back to absolute basics. Organic soil, the sun, no nutes only compost, rain water, no ph testing, no training, no defoliation. She grew like a demon until a storm showed up.... She was a good few weeks from harvest, some branches held on by the skin of their stems until I couldn't risk the wpm and bud rot and harvested. Some branches just sat on the tree and dried. She made awesome oil and a great smoke too.
  2. A good consideration indeed @Naughty.Psychonaut... IMO first prize is going to be those LM301H diodes paired with the red 660nm diodes. These red diodes definitely seem to be making a huge difference to flowers and the LM301 are considered the best diodes currently so a mix of both should be best. I seriously doubt that the Lumii is using the LM301 diodes but if they are then that has to be an awesome light. Here's another question, If my ballasts are Backline and not Lumii, would they still be able to operate on the 720W Lumii LED.? I'm guessing that they might but surely the manufacturers want users to stick to their product and would have designed the LED to be compatible with their ballast and not others. My guess is it could work but probably not as well as it should. Also those red diodes found on lights are not manufactured by Samsung. When those Lm301's found their way into grow lights they quickly became a game changer. Do you think Samsung might produce their own red diode that might become the new standard for grow lights again? Peace ✌
  3. Hey Peeps This was an awesome read. Kudos to you @Naughty.Psychonaut, the light looks like it came straight of an assembly line. What's put me off building one is stray wires and sh#£ that look more like Frankensteins monster. I currently use an HLG 100 to veg and have 2x600W HPS lights which I switch over to flower. I'm pretty pleased with them so far and there's been no real stress to plants as the switch from LED to HPS happens. Been eyeing out the Lumi 720W which according to my research runs on the lumi ballast. My confusion here is : Is a driver and a ballast the same thing? I have been under the impression that a driver simply converts AC to DC for the diodes to run correctly. So driver for LED and ballast for HPS. Would anyone out there recommend the Lumi 720W? Is anyone able to do an explanation (for dummies) on my driver/ ballast confusion? Stay safe, stay blessed. Peace always ✌
  4. Hey @Naughty.Psychonaut That's Bugsy, the additional outdoor element that I have to contend with. The pike of junk under the bush is my feeble attempt at keeping him away. He's made my purple punch it his home and one stop snack station. A few leaves for breakfast and it's time for a siesta.
  5. Great stuff bud. With all the hype about indoors ( lights /controllers/ fans/ aircons/ humidifiers/ dehumidifiers etc) there's still something special about letting nature do her thing her way.
  6. Hey guys, could you imagine this conversation around a fire? Here's the LD. We all had to start somewhere. It's going to be a wild ride, but stay positive, deal with things as they arise, you grow space is going to change as you go along, but every time is going to get better, until it reaches a point that works. An HPS might not be efficient but some people drive big v8s. You will find in time that you might add more HPS, maybe LED, maybe a combination of both. You might get away with vegging all those plants and add more lights, you might have to move some outside or give them away ( I'll take em ) when it's time to flower, there's plenty options if you stay committed. With 25 plants you've just placed a bigger bet but greater risk, greater reward. You might not be winning any cannabis cups on your first grow but you will definitely be one step closer. Time for some coffee and cheesecake. Peace ✌
  7. Hey @Naughty.Psychonaut Thanks for the feedback bud. I've been through a grow before and I'm glad I was with you on the RH targets, the wpm and pest danger ( tells me that I'm doing this right ). What proved to be a real mind f$$, for me was that the light hours didn't have to be consecutive What a game changer! I can't tell you how many times I've run out to my tent at night with emergency lights I still need time to process how all this is going to change my grow practice. I'm in awe. Gonna pop you a few questions when I'm ready. Thank you Master. Peace✌
  8. Hey @Island Gerl 25 ladies! Wow you sure are a believer inGo big or Go home. You the gal that shows up at the shooting range with a bazooka Been reading this thread with quite a bit excitement. You go girl , you going to learn some good $&it here and you going to learn fast. I see the boys had offered some excellent advice and they definitely got you covered. My 2c for now is don't stress too much about temp for now ( 31 degree spike not great but can be managed) , winter is here and the advantage of your hps lights is that they give off much needed warmth that's great for veging plants. Do however monitor the temp and if it gets too hot switch on your fans to get rid of too much hot air. I have my exhaust fan mounted up top where the hot air rises and is easily removed. You ideally want to keep temp in the 18-25 degree range. As PsyClown advised 18/6 is the way to go. Your plants need time to rest and it's in this time that most growth occurs (imo). If you're a gym bunny it's work out and then rest so your body can build muscle. Although hps is not ideal for vegging, it's not a train smash either. Yupp get yourself a MH bulb, which would be a quick fix with your current setup or just start with your current HPS bulb high up and lower it as your plants grow bigger and stronger. Looks good to me from your pics. At this stage a 60-65% humidity is desirable. Noticed you mentioned your humidity was at 75 %. Your fans would also do well to to lower humidity if it gets too high. Remember high humidity and high temp are ideal conditions for dreaded wpm so monitor closely and let your fans do the work for now. If you growing in jhb our winter humidity is generally low and i find there's no need to a dehumidifier if you get those fans dialled in well. I'm able to regulate my temp and humidity by running my exhaust fan for 15min every hour but this would depend on your grow room size, number of plants, watering schedule etc. I'd advise getting your fan on a timer switch. Just play around with it, you'll find the sweet spot. Rooting for you girrrl. Good luck and have fun. Peace ✌
  9. Hey @Naughty.Psychonaut Good to hear from you again, bud. Still looking at bit droopy but lots has changed. It's like my uncle Keith used to say, " if you pick up ladies just anywhere you might get crabs " in my case it was 🕷mites . Yupp , as I see it " Growers STD " Anyhow, you can't go back, only forward so gathered those girls, pulled a JZ, and gave them a long shower, Nkandla style Then it was the long task of removing the other girls from my tent, giving them some attention, removing everything from my grow room and treating and disinfecting everything. Will spare you the exhausting details but those mites are a thing of the past and my grow space smells like a surgical ward again. The girls have been through a bit of an ordeal today so it's no surprise they are still drooping but I rekon they will be strutting their stuff again in another 2 to 3 days. There goes Eiishkom again, just checked on my emergency lights and all is good for now. BTW how do you guys keep the lights on during loadshedding? WINTER IS COMING! I think I need to look into an inverter/ups setup, and deeper down the rabbit hole 🕳 I go Thanks for the detailed description of clones transplant. It's encouraging that I've been on the money with that one. In the dark, feeling Very Berry right now, think will get me some Dutch Coffee and cheese on the way to bed. Peace ✌ ☮
  10. Hey @Naughty.Psychonaut Thank you kindly for the welcome and for taking the time to assist with this mystery. I'm hoping that the pic might answer some of your questions and further assist with a diagnosis. The GC clone on the right is the only one that looks a bit wet as I thought that the soil might be too dry and watered yesterday. I left the other 2 clones as is but 24hrs later they all look the same so water doesn't seem to be the issue. I'm using Freedom Farms soil, haven't started nutes yet, wanted them to settle in first, watering lightly with a spray bottle every 2 to 3 days, only water when soil is dry, ph is 6.9. As mentioned, they were doing well, nice open canopy as opposed to the now droopy, wilty profile. These last few days have been cold, I don't have an aircon but temp for last 24hrs were 15.5 min. and 18.0max. I've brought them into my living room and will monitor temp and any changes. Thanks again for your trouble. ✌ ☮
  11. Hi guys, another noobie looking for info. So I used some diatomaceous earth on some clones after noticing some fungus gnats buzzing around. Its the first time I've used the stuff, didn't really read instruction, just added a few teaspoons over the topsoil and watered. This was to small pots carrying clones. Two days later and stange thing has happened, the clones that were drooping and struggling are making an awesome comeback but an older batch of clones that were doing well are now drooping as if wilting. I have some theories but curious and be very grateful to hear the opinions out there. Peace ✌
  12. Hey PsyC, thanks to you and to your bud CreX, who brought these jars to me. I'm super stoked and can't wait to be filling them up and emptying them up again
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