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  1. Leaves are curling up and looks very dry.
  2. Why are these babies looking like this? They seem very dry and curly?
  3. Hi and wow thanks for all the information. This is amazing feedback. Oky so I will answer the questions you asked me I did not know that the HPS lights is more for flowering than for the veg state. So I am stuck with 4 of them for now. Can I mitigate this by doing a 18/6 hour on off split? Currently they are on 24/7 and 2 at a time. I also raised the lights about 30cm higher. The extractor is 200mm and not on all the time as it sucks the humidity out to about 35%. Should I get a humidifier and switch the extractor on more often? The plants have just been transplanted (4 days ago) into 25L pots. At the moment the plants get a cup of water every 2 days. I don’t have a PPM/EC probe yet Then a question - is induction air inflow from outside? The only air coming from outside is basically an opening in the wall and then a normal fan in front of the opening blowing in air. What would the ideal Humidity be at this stage? I am following a basic VPD chart. And currently using the green blocks… See attached plant size pictures and also the chart that I use. Also just a side note: the temperature spiked to about 31 yesterday. I am thinking of getting a portable aircon. I really appreciate the info
  4. Hello So I just started a grow room. I have clones. So currently I have a 16 m2 room with 25 plants in. They are Elvis clones. I received the clones on Friday and planted them in OrgasoilLux. There are 4 x 600 Watt HPS lights with the magnetic ballast and reflectors. Temp & Humidity sensors and sprinkler system. And an extractor fan. There are also 2 fans blowing air around the room. Currently the lights are switched on 24 h/day only 2 at a time. Room temp is between 27 and 29 and humidity is 75% now. Extractor is off because it takes all the humidity away. If all the lights are on then it gets too hot. Humidity is created by hanging wet towels in the room. the question: the leaves looks like the edges are curling inwards? And some leaves look wrinkled. Can it maybe be the lights that burning them? TIA
  5. Hello all, I am a new grower and here to learn
  6. Hello everyone, I am a new grower looking for some guidance and advice with trouble shooting. Currently growing 25 indoor Elvis plants During my normal day I am an Industrial Engineer. And on weekends I enjoy freediving and having a nice braai Cheers
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