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  1. Why can't i like your posts bru? There's no option.
  2. DIY it okes! It's all about the air pump really.
  3. Awe bru, I also have a mutant. Lets see how they fair. Best of luck man
  4. Indeed, it's a good way to keep tract of things. A visual journal is always great.
  5. ah ok, very good... Just make sure you pay attention to who likes what! Good luck
  6. It's a week later, my tent is doing the most. Everyone seems happy... Even Plant-X. The lay of the land Babies In case you were wondering. The clones in the dish are Harlequin Pride and the other 2 are The Joker, both by GSR. Plant-X (my favourite) Anyone else with one of these??
  7. CG420za

    Bud rot/mold

    Checking it out. It's steep for a 2x4 yeah. But i suppose if i skimp, i'll always have this issue while i live where i live.
  8. CG420za

    Bud rot/mold

    I dried it in my old grow cab. Had a fan in there pulling out the humid air, but it didn't help having those rainy days man. Kinda fucked me over. I lost 32g dry bud in total, 26g on the Zkittlez and 6g on the CBD Crack. Now i'm panicking about the GG coz it has the fattest buds of the lot. I'm looking at getting a dehumidifier. Just not sure how good it'll be. Like what one should i be going for?
  9. I vote 2 males and a laugh 😋 Shoulda germed all bruv
  10. CG420za

    Bud rot/mold

    Yussis okes, the bud rot strikes again. I'm so bummed about this. Seems like it's impossible to dry my buds in Cape Town... Any pointers for drying WITHOUT an aircon?
  11. I like to try different things yeah. I saw it can be used for seedlings so I gave it a shot. The progress looks good since the pot up, so I'll be doing this in future.
  12. Yo man, when you add the biobizz nutes to your water it'll level at about 5.3/5.4 Also, you're doing an organic grow, pH shouldn't be a worry. The microbes in the soil will buffer the pH. Do some reading on AACT and how to inoculate your soil. You'll never have a pH problem
  13. Morning guys, So the beans went into jiffy's on the 31st. Took a few days to pop. 1st one showed face on Monday followed by the rest yesterday. Popped them into pots last night and gave them a 60ml each (Kelpak and water). No twins in my batch, but there is one with 3 cotyledon leaves. Interesting beans these are.
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