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    Peppermint Kush
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    Still deciding
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    Blue Dream, Apollo 13, Exodus Haze, Girl Scout Cookies
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    60x60x190 cupboard, 4 passive inlets, 1 exhaust (90cfm). 2 x Cree CXB3590 3500K @50w each.
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  1. CG420za

    Coco problems [OUTDOOR]

    Eish, that was fast. Let us know what happens after the transplant sir.
  2. CG420za

    Coco problems [OUTDOOR]

    Do you leaves droop even when the plants aren't over watered? I've noticed that with a few of my plants when the pot up took too long to happen. Also, that buffer is a must, i think the medium locks out the calmag after a while then you run into issues.
  3. CG420za

    Coco problems [OUTDOOR]

    Did you buffer your coco beforehand?
  4. CG420za

    Bud rot/mold

    LOL, not me @Pat999, ek vra ma net
  5. CG420za

    Bud rot/mold

    Is that safe @ydt?
  6. CG420za

    My Intro

    Yoh, i'm loving this setup man! I don't think we've had a local with a setup like this... Def following.
  7. CG420za

    Friend or Foe?

    Foook, I forgot to tell you I was in the area on Saturday🤦‍♂️ Awe, It's looking great. We need to make a plan
  8. CG420za

    Friend or Foe?

    Looking lekker pal! Which strain is this? TD?
  9. CG420za

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    I agree, let the data speak for itself.
  10. CG420za

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    Is @LED God, @Growsart back with vengeance? How do you educate with insults @LED God??? It's not what you say mate, it's how you say it.
  11. CG420za

    Bud rot/mold

    Budrot is kak, I had it once. High humidity, warm temps and not enough moving air is what caused mine. I wouldn't suggest holding onto the miff skyf. Rather safe than sorry bruv
  12. CG420za

    Antminer LED

    This is a cheap solution for mom's and clones. Thanks for the thread @Trailblazer420
  13. CG420za

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    We need a "mic drop" emoji up in here @420SA
  14. CG420za

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    Nah bru, i'm looking at the price. Maybe have a look at growopz pricing.
  15. CG420za

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    Doing some advertising ey, a 50w cob @R3500... No thanks