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    Peppermint Kush
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    Still deciding
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    Blue Dream, Apollo 13, Exodus Haze, Girl Scout Cookies
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    60x60x190 cupboard, 4 passive inlets, 1 exhaust (90cfm). 2 x Cree CXB3590 3500K @50w each.
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  1. CG420za

    Greetings from Cape Town

    BD and NL isn't that couchlock kinda bud bruv. Can't talk about the PK coz she's still drying, but the other 2 are definitely not comatose skyf.
  2. CG420za

    Greetings from Cape Town

    Awe @Catsilver, that's a fabulous tank! In regards to easy strains, I'd go with Northern Lights, Peppermint Kush or Blue Dream. Mostly indica, great smoke. Super easy to grow and they're resistant to moulds and shit. If you read up on the strains, you'll get a feel for it. Sativas are great, but i think they're more finicky. Also, long flower times can blow
  3. CG420za

    We're back!

    Awe awe, it's looking mooi @420SA! I second the "dark theme", it's heavy on old man eyes.
  4. CG420za


    TylerD[/member], if you take your pics with the flash on and lights off, it's easier to see what's happening, we have some blind folks on here. Namely me
  5. Awe man, that's great! I will miss this one though. Call me old fashioned, but I like this "old forum". Onward and forward! Go 420sa.co.za We're going on an adventure
  6. CG420za


    Welcome to the forums bruv
  7. CG420za

    Introducing Grow Bro

    Welcome bruv. Looks like small grows are out the window okes...
  8. CG420za


    Awe TylerD, welcome. Feel free to post some pics of your ladies.
  9. CG420za

    First grow: nothing fancy

    I know what you meant Hochy, these okes are too baked. LOL
  10. CG420za

    Most online challenge

    Seeing through the eyes of some Peppermint Kush? Sent from my ALE-L02 using Tapatalk Hahaha! I wish brother, but that tief is taking so long
  11. CG420za

    Most online challenge

    I must be blind! LOL. i don't see it
  12. CG420za

    Purchase and Sale

    They should just gooi it in here https://www.natureschoice.co.za/products/hulled-hemp-seeds/
  13. CG420za

    Most online challenge

    What happened to that chat bar? A realtime chat feature would be awesome
  14. Awe bra, I've had greenies a few times. It's a case of "either or", you do both in excess, you're fucked. Praying in a corner somewhere that you'll never smoke again. Hahaha I love my craft beers, but I can honestly say that I doubt I'd even try it
  15. CG420za


    I bought from them too, i while back. The service was great, but a few of my beans were duds. I doubt I'll buy from them again though. Hopefully they will start replacing dudz. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk How I wish! 3 northern light and 1 trainwreck fem, i was KAK sad, coz the other beans all germed in the same conditions.