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    60x60x190 cupboard, 4 passive inlets, 1 exhaust (90cfm). 2 x Cree CXB3590 3500K @50w each.
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  1. With Reaf's rep, i think we could make money reselling
  2. Gadget time sells these... https://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/407089732/Temperature_Thermometer_and_Hygrometer_Humidity_Meter_Round_Black_LOCAL_STOCK.html DIY is to fit in a mason jar lid. Some decent double sided tape or not toxic silicone under the lip of the hyrgometer makes in air tight.
  3. @YourStonedBuddyIt's 1200x 700 x 1650. Current temp is 24 in the tent, 21.3 in the room. Which driver do you have?
  4. I've got the HLG-240H-48B. Running them at 100% isn't ideal. I worry that the inline fan will pull all your heat out
  5. Run your light at 75%. I have the same light and at 75% there's a 4 degree difference in my cab. My extraction fan is only 87cfm and it works perfectly. Inline fans are pricey and loud.
  6. https://www.trophyseeds.com/product/dutch-passion-charlottes-angel-cbd-auto-3-pack/
  7. Awe, same same. Nicer fixtures than the local stuff and way better pricing.
  8. @Toby, i'm gonna be in your hood on saturday. Too soon?
  9. Awe bru, congrats. I think we have the same panel.
  10. Thanks brother. I wanna make some RSO for my mom.
  11. Thanks man. And the oil itself? What's your process from flower to oil?
  12. Sharing is caring bru. How do you make your cream?
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