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  1. McB

    Easy 2 Go Pot System

    think i will pop my outdoor charlottes angel plant in one and see how she does, got a few lying around the garage. shes been looking sad in a 10l bag since her sisters got 38l material pots. what nutes do you run?
  2. McB

    Easy 2 Go Pot System

    how do grow you in them, coco perlite? i found organic soil wasnt a fan of the wet base. do you add clay pellets or perlite at the base?
  3. McB

    How do you smoke ?

    Cant compete with that beaut but I'm a Bong man. Sadly lungs don't agree lately so dabbing a little more.
  4. McB

    LED replacement chips

    i wired one into an old halogen spotlight, but it was a 220v input cob, look about the same
  5. 158 plants, shows trays of clones...fml. so i suck at cloning and take 3 of everything,...now i'm dealing Does come across like they were selling clones "158 dagga plants to the estimated value of R15 800"
  6. McB

    My first grow.

    i built a cab out of car sunshields and mylar, added an hps and realised how kak they actually are. if you arent seeing light through it you arent giving them enough light. as GLO said, paint it matt white, cheapest reflective coating with no hotspots
  7. McB


    Radiology & Oncology I.T
  8. Hi Liam, welcome, yes perfectly normal, new growth will stem from the leaf nodes. lol, ignore the Spanish, best diagram i can find
  9. McB

    Roll Call

  10. McB

    LED vs HPS

    im with you on the cooling saving, noticing the difference cooling a 400w hps over the panel by a lot. seen a few recommendations for the vero's in smaller spaces, mostly international though. the scary thing is i did a little price comparison exercise with pandagro co out of china(i assume) building from locally sourced components, excluding shipping,using cxb3590, glass lense and meanwell driver i cannot affordably beat their prices diy! thier diy offering at 75w craps all over my rs components cart total. sadly this doesn't take customs into account.
  11. McB

    LED vs HPS

    very interesting and at times entertaining read so far.🍿 i'm still solidly in the hps camp but i will say that the sprinkler analogy makes sense. having grown with a cidly apollo 8 and now since under hps i can honestly say there isnt really a comparison, but that isn't the arguement here. 260w vs 400w isnt really fair. facing the exact issue mentioned above, lost a bank of leds, now the fault finding begins the qb and similar smd appeal to my fidget-er\gadgety side and i will probably convert a cfl micro cab to them in time just for shits and giggles as i seem to have a stupid amount of random heat syncs and coolers lying around from gaming/overclocking days surely cobs required headroom cuts them out for your average tent or god forbid closet grower, my thinking is you would have to dim so heavily to get it to work in available headroom you would lose a lot of oomph
  12. McB

    My first grow.

    Plants aren't looking too bad. If a little short. I find getting a 25l bucket of water with an air stone and pump to bubble out chemicals will help you eliminate overlooked potential water issues before needing to drop cash for a meter etc. Are you allowing the pots to dry or just watering daily. When you say you feed once in a while. When is this and at what dosage. I genuinely think getting those into better soil would do you a world of good. Bare in mind they will droop and be unhappy after transplant so try not to panic and overtreat.
  13. personally prefer plastic cups, hold up better and dont really discolour, easier to cut away too. prefer cups for ease of removal as batista mentioned, always seem to damage rootball in seedling trays
  14. McB

    Black Friday Madness!!

    likewise here, personal service and web based have both been great, i will honestly say i have found some smaller items priced better elsewhere but that is the nature of business. bare in mind the influx of new indoor growers in the last few months has decimated stock. PE isn't a town with deep pockets in general and grow guru isnt a massive superstore by any means.
  15. McB

    Black Friday Madness!!

    How so. I picked up a 400w digital marked down twice. Paid R1600 odd. I'm happy as a pig in poop. That 25% off allowed me to grow as planned in 2x1 under 800w