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CFL Wattage and Lumens?

Vera Green

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CFL's are really not ideal, also a single larger CFL is better than multiple smaller CFL's.


If height is not an issue, then I would seriously suggest you consider other options of lighting. CFL will suffice and you can grow cannabis with it but I do not think the struggle and money spent is worth the effort and time invested as your yield will suffer for sure.


I'd suggest you look into other lighting options, be it LED or even a cheap HID setup. Depending on how long term you want to do this for, forking out the money upfront for decent LED lights which are a lot more energy efficient is well worth it. Also you can veg and flower under the same spectrum.

Otherwise if you dislike LED for whatever reason, forking out the money for an HID setup will far out perform any CFL setup you could rig up for the same amount of money.


CFL is fine for clones and seedlings, I would prefer to stop using CFL once the plants get bigger.


My 2c

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@Vera Green there isn't an ideal lighting system, they all have pro's and con's and personal preference comes in as well.


Some still swear by HID's while others feel it's silly and would rather grow with LED's. Some other technologies are starting to become a bit more popular as well but time will tel whether they are worth while or not and currently they're super expensive.


LED's have a lot of pro's, although can be a little pricey to purchase initially. If you purchase some good LED's off the bat you will not regret it though.

Most of the T5 tubes are rather low watts, I was thinking you'd use larger CFL's, something like this: https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/cfl-2700k-warm-white/?attribute_pa_size=300w-envirogro-2700k-warm-white&gclid=Cj0KCQjwwb3rBRDrARIsALR3XeaBgPcBJ4k1-6GHs5uK0akXPM4c_dI5bDS0AD847_laM-uDuYfgwlAaAga9EALw_wcB


It's a tricky situation, growing indoors isn't always budget friendly - often it's rather pricey actually.

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Yeah, I have space to grow outdoors in small pots, but the lighting in those spots aren’t ideal as we have trees. I successfully grew a plant in my windowsill (turned out to be male) but reason for growing indoors is more because I’m setting up a hydroponic system for growing our own food and wanting to split a section for the cannabis plants

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