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3 hours ago, ORGANinc. said:

It seems every bodies plant are fading at quite a similar time.

Indeed it appears so. Thought it was my fault. I think the girls are just stepping it up a notch on the feed

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Posted (edited)

Ons Tortoni is hella spear shaped, and to be honest, seems to be filling out nicely. Can't wait to harvest, being the plant that looked the dullest, she seems to be putting out the prettiest. 

The fatty stack one is going amazing, looks like I'll get a good 6 golfball off her. 

Pics to follow in the AM

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Posted (edited)

The smell coming off the Tortoni that was second, is truly standing out now. 

Through veg she looked sad, but holy hell is she happy in flower, and vice versa on the other Tortoni. 



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They've put on a lot of chunk the past few day's. 

Smelling absolute bonkers stuff man, I don't have the ability to describe terps like Jesus's sweat and 2-stroke on a rainy day, so I'll rather just say it's like nothing I've smelt before. 

@Totemic The seeds are fire yo, doubted the one plant all the way and now she is the most beautiful, spear shaped harddd branches of dagga. 

Tortoni #2IMG_20210906_063320_HDR.jpg

TORTONI #1IMG_20210906_063347_HDR.jpg

Tortoni #1IMG_20210906_062921.jpg

TORTONI #2IMG_20210906_063246_HDR.jpg

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