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Found 7 results

  1. First time growing photoperiods, quite excited. Genetics Hiroshima by Renegade Seed Co. 6 Pack High THC, and according to the product description should deliver "high yields of dense, rock-solid buds." Hoping to achieve that. Want to make one a mother and start learning to clone. The description says "These highly stable genetics produce two phenotypes at most." Should be easy to choose a winner to reveg. They advise topping, which I am also looking forward to learning. Want to also try "FIM" a plant or two to experiment. Grow Setup Same as before. Here ~ Lets go 9 November Seeds arrived. Also received a Promotional 2 Pack of G-Fawke. 10 November Seeds into a glass of spring water. Onto a heating mat and into a dark cupboard to soak for 18 hours. 11 November Seeds started showing roots. All 6 seeds popped, gently took them and placed them root facing down in Jiffy Preforma Plugs. Covered the holes slightly and into the ROOTiT Small Propagator they go. Heating mat underneath, and gently misted with spring water. Also threaded the hygrometer reader through a ventilation hole, to see the environment reading. I think this reading is fine for germination. Any and all feedback welcome. Hoping for them all to push out effectively over the coming days. In hindsight I should have maybe done the paper towel method to get the roots longer, before putting them into the plugs. I've also previously had a failed germination where I watered a bit much, so just gently misting this time as to not drown/stunt the seeds.
  2. Hi guys Going to try make my third grow my best so far. Strain: Joker CBD - https://www.trophyseeds.com/product/green-smoke-room-seeds-the-joker-cbd/ Indoor Grow Nutes: GHE TriPart Equipment 80 x 80 x 180cm grow tent 70/30 Coco Perlite Mix 240W Quantum Board x2 Clip on oscillating fans, x1 extraction fan Germination: 03/04/2021 Vegetative: 15/04/2021 Flower: 06/06/2021 Harvest: --- (Estimated: 25/07/2021 - 08/08/2021)
  3. I have a lot of loose seeds from over the few years plus a handful of seeds that I recently purchased off BnB. I am going to germinate all 15 of them and take the 12 best looking ones [or at least the 12 that survive] and pop them into 20L fabric pots with Gold Label 70/30 Coco/Perlite that I just recently discovered. The strains going into the gauntlet are: Zkittlez x Purple Punch - Ripper Seeds x3 Criminal+ - Ripper Seeds x3 Royal Gorilla - Royal Queen Seeds x1 Aurora Indica - Nirvana Seeds x4 Jock Horror - Nirvana Seeds x2 Grand Daddy Purple - Green Smoke Room Seeds x2 Seed drop 2 October 2020 Light cycle flip 17 November 2020 Harvest dates: 1x Criminal +: 14 January 2021 1 x Grand Daddy Purple: 14 January 2021 Everything else: 17-18 January 2021 Flowering times will not be a concern as I have a spare tent that will be used just as a drying tent. I also don't plan on cloning anything yet. When I am done with this bunch I want to decide on a regular seed strain, find a mother and really dedicate to that strain for a while, whatever it may be. So far we got some live ones popping up, the first 12 at least.. I'll update again when I've chosen and potted the Mighty 12.
  4. Aweh, So my one plant is starting to turn brown on the tips on and I'm sure its not nutrient burn, could it be a potassium deficiency and how would I be able to fix it? If its not potassium deficiency please help me identify what is wrong. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi everyone, First time posting here. So here is photos of my plants that's been growing since last year October until now. Apologies if the photos are not in order from start to where they are now. Medium: Coco, Vermiculite, Pearlite ((Topped with a layer of sterile sand)) Think these are 8L buckets. They are very small Feeding: Manual hydro feed every day by hand Sometimes the rain helped a bit Feeding schedule: Feed Feed water, Feed feed water etc. Foliar Feeding every water day at 4pm Strains: No idea xD Germinate day: 3rd October 2019 Environment: Outdoor under 10% Shade netting on top, Insect netting on the sides Had to move some of them to the outside, as space was a problem Would appreciate it if anyone can help identify the strains. Do excuse the top colas of the sativas thats touching the roof (I know i cringe as well but those ones want to reach heaven it seems. Enjoy
  6. Hi everyone I wish you all well today. so I have just completed my first grow I’m still pretty noob and I grew in potting soil mixed with bonemeal and fed moderate amounts of seagro most of the until closer to the end as I could now see the bonemeal burning them. I never used any flowering nutrients thinking the bonemeal would provide enough of the P, I wasn’t happy with the bud sizes ( I’ll post a pic ) I saw some EHG nutrients on growguru site it sounds ‘ amazing ‘ as most are trying to market there product but before I go ahead and purchase the A, B, micro kit I would like everyone’s opinions on the matter, I’ll be using it in coco only grow next ( I’m revenging the same plant, time wreck) and putting it in a scrog this time, but after that I want to do DWC so would it be possible for those nutes to cover me through a coco and dwc grow ? Incase this info is relevant I’m using 10x 15w LED bulbs @2700k 1520 lumens each. thanks ! ps I posted a pic of the nutes im referring to, aswell as a few bud shots
  7. Hey guys, Completely new to growing. thrown a few seeds around to see what they do in the past, but never followed through. was hoping you guys could give me some advice, I'm planning an outdoor grow for this season, don't plan on investing too much, around R1500. the issue is I'm really unsure of which route I should go. Coco or organic soil. I've been looking into it, and the coco option is really appealing to me, but it seems daunting, and expensive for what i had in mind, and the organic option seems fine, but I'm not aiming for "fine". I made two separate lists for whichever grow I decide on. Coco perlite hortimix a,b and mpk (from hydroponics.co.za) 3x 20l Fabric pots (although I've read around 11l pots are good enough for coco) found a very inexpensive tds and ph meter combo on bid or buy, its the same model the hydro stores stock for around 400. some calmag, ph up & down and then the organics list is not as comprehensive, because I went down the coco rabbit hole. soil (obviously) considering the freedom farms premium blend, or the hydroherb promix organic which is 50l for around R300, but i cant find enough information on the ingredients, also found something called orgasoilux. 3x 20l Fabric pots maybe some perlite? all the potting mixes I've seen, say they feed for s short time, so which nutrients does one add after that period? would some vermicompost do? or would i be better off going for the hortimix combo as it can be used in organic soil too, but then the water has to be ph'd to make it available to the plant. basically I'm really keen on the coco, because I'm looking for quantity and quality bud, but I don't want to invest too much, and be too inexperienced to actually get a good yield, or even worse kill the plants. does anyone use the hortimix a,b and mpk, is it simple? I'm planning on getting some feminized seeds too. the royal gorilla, silver haze and utopic haze. will they do alright in our climate? can anyone suggest some good strains for outdoor container growing? whats the best local seedbank? any that have a no germinating return policy? thinking of going with biltong and buds or cannasmiths, thoughts? any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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