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  1. Keegan


    So I took it outside first then I chopped it up and put it in my big compost bin which sits in the sun all day and is closed, and I put a layer of soil on top. After that, I took the rest of the plants out, gave them pyrol and cleaned the tent, and brought the rest back into the tent after it was sterilized.
  2. Keegan


    Thanks for the advice, from now I'm gonna go back to my usual routine of neem once a week, I think the silica that I was feeding the plants really helped the other plants fight off the mites. I did clean the tent properly yesterday with the peroxide solution and I wiped everything down.
  3. Keegan


    Thanks, I got rid of that one which was so far gone, and replaced it with another clone I had on hand, I was worried about the rest, I sprayed all of them with kemprin last night then cleaned the tent today with hydrogen peroxide and applied pyrol after, so hopefully that is the end of it now I just have to wait for the new clone to veg up to size for a couple of weeks. Thanks for the advice on this matter, really appreciate it.
  4. Keegan


    also I just wanted to know, will this affect my yield later on even after they recover?
  5. Keegan


    Thanks guys, I was stressed that I would have to get rip of the whole grow, I'm using kemprin right now cause I have it on hand, I will empy the tent and use peroxide. Should I be spaying the peroxide solution or should I be putting it in a bucket and wiping the tent with it? I'll get some pyrol and use that on the rest of the tent after. Then start using pyrol on the plants
  6. Keegan


    Thanks so much for the reply, I'm out at the moment, I'll send some photos later when I get home.
  7. Keegan


    Hey guys, I know this is bad, I've got broadmites on this plant, I know I need to get rid of this one plant. spraying kemprin on the rest of my plants in my tent. I spoke to another grower, and they told me that I should get rid of all the plants in the room. I wanted to know if this is necessary if I poison the mites, and wait to see if the rest are alright.
  8. Hey guys I'll take another photo of her later, I have moved her outside because my tent has gotten too crowded, I think though it was too much water. I only give all my plants 5 liters between 8 plants so there's never really any run off. My clones are looking super healthy. I'll send pictures when I get home later. Thanks all for the help.
  9. Oh I do feed then then the next day I give them clean water with a pH of 5.9 I only give the recommended dose of each nite
  10. I spoke to someone now who looked at it and said it was a type of mite, and told me what to apply
  11. Its not a organic grow at all I'm using a range of fertilizers in the ratio that the shop I got my tent recommended, my pH when I feed is between 5.6 and 6.1 I don't have a ppm pen though
  12. A whole bunch of different things every second day including magnesium and calcium, I foliar feed them once a week with seagro. I can send the exact mixture of fertilizers later when I get home, none of my other plants are showing any of these signs, but it might be because they are clones and this is from seed.
  13. Hey guys, does anyone know what is causing these spots on my plant? None of my other plants in my tent are showing signs of any nutrient deficiencies like this. Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks for the responses guys I'm going to give her worm tea today here's an updated photo, she isn't looking that great.
  15. Oh I also have two worm farms, is it recommended to use the tea that they produce on Cannabis trees? I wasn't sure on its NPK ratio and when it should be used.
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