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  1. Thank you Darclinc. I'm so amped for the smoke test. We've smoked her before, but then she was grown by the guy who does the pheno hunting for me and that run had some problems. The smell has more pineapple this time, so I really hope that comes through on the taste.
  2. Here she is all finished up. I'm very happy with the result. She finishes strong, packing on the trichomes right up to harvest. The pineapple smell comes through a little stronger in the last week as well. Strong fuel up front, with pineapple finish. This is exactly what I was hoping for. She doesn't like too much light. The plants closest to the lights foxtailed a bit. These plants are all about 6ft tall.
  3. PC12 at 53 days She is a late bloomer it seems. This pheno has both parents in the structure. The only pheno we came across that exhibits this. She has hit her stride now. She is getting denser and frostier by the day. Quite literally. These plants are all about 6ft tall just for reference, as the photos don't really show how big they are.
  4. That's some nice gear. I'm keen on the Larry OG and Blue D no.5 I look forward to your diary bro
  5. PC12 at 46 days They haven't quite turned the corner yet, but that will happen soon. Smell is vicks and sour fruit.
  6. Our new stock has just arrived. We have some new gear from Lucky Dog and Karma, as well as a restock of some of the favourites. New Gear: Sunshine Biscuits by Lucky Dog - Cherry AK x Chemdog 91 Zephyr by Lucky Dog - Royal Apple x Chemdog 91 Goji Dog by Lucky Dog - (Goji OG x Stardawg) x Chemdog 91 Catahoula by Lucky Dog - Triangle Kush x Chemdog 91 Restock: Old Dirty Biker (Karma) Sweet Chem (Lucky Dog) Glueberriez (OSG) Old Widow (OSG) Critical Banana (OSG) OSG Cheese (OSG) White Afghan Skunk (OSG) White Bubblegum (OSG) I will start loading on the site later today.
  7. 6 weeks in and 3 to go... Whole room. PC12 are the tall plants in the picture. Lower nug of PC12 showing some proper resin production. She starts forming trichs late in the game.
  8. Thanks my man! It has been a labour of love for many years now.
  9. Finally I get to run the winning pheno. I have 11 of the PC12 mixed in with Divine Storm and Dirty Banana. We are now at 3 weeks 12/12. Just in time for the flower show to begin.
  10. Yeah, that was our thinking. Rather Friday than Wednesday. Doesn't change the fact that people need to work though. Oh well... there is always a next time.
  11. Yeah, in hindsight having an event on a Friday is dumb. Saturdays only from now on. It was still cool though. I got a bit carried away with the beer pong. Haven't been that drunk in years!
  12. Is anyone coming to Greenthumb today?
  13. Ah, so it's you. Nice one brother! You are the only one who got that deal. Check your email.
  14. It's up and running. Almost dropped the ball again because we have been so focused on getting ready for 422 at Greenthumb Hydro this Friday. Anyway... have at it! I hope to see some of you guys this Friday at the shop. Free beer and boerewors rolls, specials, beer pong and live music. It should be a blast!
  15. It's pretty normal in veg. It is caused by pressure around the root zone. Remember, plants feed and drink as a result of hydraulics. If your plants are healthy and "perky" a few hours later then all is good.
  16. I don't foliar. I use soil drench. Just personal preference.
  17. Yes, I mix it with Cibusil, Anngro and fulvic acid. I would not do more than 2 applications of comcat in a plants lifecycle and if using it in early stages of flower, make sure it is used in combination with Cibusil. There is a shop in gauteng that has stock.
  18. Guys, this stuff is powerful and needs to be used with caution. I've pushed the envelope on my testing, and have hit the plants 4 times in as many weeks. Not recommended unless you are using salts and are able to quickly identify problems and remedy them. The reason I mention salts is the speed with which you are able to tackle deficiencies or flush out salts if needed. I'm at 5 weeks of flower, and I have a massive phosphorus deficiency at the moment. My last dose of comcat was without cibusil, and this is when the problem started. There is a symbiotic relationship between silicon (SI) and phosphorus (P). Silicon aids the uptake of phosphorus. Here is an excerpt from a study I'm reading: "However, exogenous Si application alleviated LP-induced decreases in growth and physiological parameters. In particular, Si increased Pn by 65.2%, leading to a significantly increased biomass accumulation." I don't think it's a coincidence that I'm seeing problems after an application without the combined use of Cibusil. I have another room that I flipped on Saturday. Those plants have only had one application of Comcat just before the flip. I'm not going to give them another application. Let's see what happens there. For the first room that has had 4 applications, I'm going to increase dosage of GHPF Pk Boost by 25% while also replacing my water only day with a feed. I have a 4 days feed cycle that looks like this: Day 1 : Salt feed Day 2 : Salt feed Day 3 : Ph water Day 4 : Fire Juice, Kelp, Fulvic feed I will replace Day 3 with another salt feed. Let's see what happens....
  19. A Joburg cup will be fucken awesome! Thanks for the effort my man.
  20. This is also the mother of my Pineapple Chem cross. I will be flipping the winning PC#12 this weekend.
  21. Strain details: (Chemdog 91 x SFV Bx2) x Chemdog 91 Bx2 bred by Skunk_VA from Lucky Dog Seed Co. So it is essentially a Chem 91 backcross. I had 7 phenos to work through, but they were all very uniform and heavily Chem 91 dominant as you would expect from a cross like this. THC number only came in at 19.9% but I have some experience with the machine they used for testing, and it is stingy with the numbers. The important thing is that all 20 entries were tested the same way, so the number is just a reference point. You will notice from the photos that while she has some decent trich production, she is no frost monster. I promise that she will blow you out of your socks though. I only smoke her once every few weeks, as I sometimes get a little anxious when I smoke her.
  22. Double Krush with a killer right hook.
  23. In future, use 350SC in veg. No more problems. You can't use it in flower though.
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