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    240W COB fixture in a 70cm x 70cm tent with a 5" extraction fan.
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    Whichever is available, haha

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  1. Impatiently awaiting harvest... just over a week away

    1. StickyD420


      Bro beans, howz it going this evening?

      It's about a week since the above, how is the ETA for the harvest looking, you must be crazy with anticipation there.

      Can't wait for your sake and to see the final myself 🙌

    2. TheUltimateNoob


      decided to give her some more time bro. that's why i havent updated the diary either.... after checking online i saw that the Inzane is a 9-10wk strain so i rather wait... she tests at 25% THC according to Ethos so i dont want to rob myself. lol

    3. StickyD420


      Oh cool, so you dont go according to the trichomes? I'm about a week away from my harvest on some plants too. Exciting times.

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