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  1. ok thanks, I thought with the single phase motors just a pot wasn'r recommended. Seems to be a bit of info on both sides as to simple dimmers but I'll have a looksee
  2. Howzit. I'm going to do a passive intake and make it variable in the beginning so I can test the draw on the extraction fan. Not sure if that fan can be controlled much... I have a feeling it can only be controlled at higher RPMs to avoid damaging it, I've written to AMS to find out. I was also considering one of those 12v RAMs connected to a battery for loadshedding - haven't decided yet I just need to test the fan I have. It's overpowered for the room size so if I can't slow it down I could alwaysj ust put more bends in the ducting but then I'm using it full speed all the time and it seems like a bit of a waste of power. Will have to put some effort into that soon as the room is sorted. Hopefully the big fan works because with insulated ducts it's super quiet. I hear you on the auto's, I've grown a bunch before and my best take was 60g. Won't say my worst! Surprisingly nice to smoke some of them. When I first grew a long time ago nobody outside of cultivation new what a Ruderalis was, for me it was like a swearword but these breeders are impressive man, you can get decent smoke out of an auto now.
  3. I hear you on running them at night I will keep that in mind but I will probably just use the heater and a thermostat so I can do what needs to be done during the day. Good suggestion though I hadn't thought of that. The lights a 550W Leon LED with a 480W driver. It's the 561c diodes.
  4. 52 RH and whatever the winter temp is... it's not a warm room at the best of times which is why I'm using it because in summer I need the coolest room. But I hear you, I'll check the temp when the lights are on first. My concern is the next couple of months we gonna get the real low temps and from having grown a few autos before I know they are finicky as all hell.
  5. I saw you said somewhere (I think it was you) to be careful of temperatures when growing autos. I'm putting some Fastbuds cheese and RQS Mimosa in there to start while I get some photo's going. It's not very well insulated so it'll lose heat fast. do you think load shedding will have much of an effect on the roots in winter? I've only grown autos outdoors in summer. Should mention I got great service from biltongnbuds again. Credit where credit's due.
  6. thanks man gonna put an order in for a th16 and thermostat today.
  7. Hello good people It's important to never learn from some of your mistakes. Against my better judgement, instead of a tent I decided to build something with all the spare bits and pieces I have lying around. As is always the case it's been more work than expected but unlike most of my projects it's definitely coming in more cost effective than the tent. So far cost has been just over R300 and now I have storage space above the room. Usually these things end up costing more than what I could've bought it for in the first place however! Sometimes you just gotta keep banging your head against a wall until you get a different result which is what happened this time. Cheap, pretty sure it'll work ok but still got lots to do. dims: 100 x 170 x 220 I've put a pic of progress so you have a visual and can hopefully answer a couple q's: 1 - I was going to put a square wall heater into the room. Should I be concerned about radiant heat? I can't imagine it's a good thing. Where do you guys put the heater? I was thinking against the room wall on the near end. 2 - I have a TD200 silent bathroom extractor fan that I don't need under my house anymore. It's not speed controllable but its quiet and I think it'll work for such a small space. Was going to roof mount it at the far end and vent through the airbrick under the ceiling. Passive intake on the near end but I have no idea what size to make it. Ideas? Any help greatly appreciated
  8. Just dropping in to say hello. Lurked around the forum a fair bit and it's been very usefull. only got a big bud that outdoors that just will not finish flowering at the moment but hoping to get a light and start on some indoor grows again. wingwing
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