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  1. Yes cable is power supply. Im experimenting in controlling and testing the conditions of the tent. Before i change from an outdoor grow to indoor. like temp and humidity. Where im at humidity is usually very dry, generally reads 10%. So iv got a humidifier on that keeps it around 50-60% then a fan inside the tent and just keep flaps open for fresh air. Plants are only put into the tent for extra light at the end of the day, and if needed to protect from severe conditions outside, till i switch to 12/12 light schedule So when i have 💰 💰💰 the only thing left are a proper grow light. So To answer psyclown question regarding heat, plants are outside, when i do change to indoor ill put the tent under my patio. As you are 100% right during the day temps get to 38/40 in the tent which is hot.
  2. Thanks psyclown & Bakstein420👌 For the help Yes i think ill continue to just use water on the auto flower. However it does look like probably 70% of the sativa trichomes are milky, besides the lower branches. The buds have not filled up allot on the sativa and maybe its due to limited nutrient intake so could be a decent idea to try add some nutrients and see if we can add a little size to her buds, and i know a sativa is not going to gain size like the indica auto but should be able to add quite a bit more size than that. I do have a tent that i can use but just bringing the day light schedule down each month for my other plants. 2 chemdawg feminised plants. Which have only started to flower. And need to be brought down from an 18/on 6 off to a 14 on. And then down to a 12. And once all plants are on a 12 on 12 off i will use the tent to ensure darkness from 6pm -6 Am and then outside for the day. Pics below: Chemdawg Feminised
  3. So these are all for bloom. The Atami bloombastic in my opinion is great stuff but i dont have much and they dont have a license locally to sell yet so limited supply. The bio bloom my friend gave but didnt really use them. He likes " organic" and nutriplex is ok i use the grow nutrient solution and its fine no problem with it. Anyone could guess how long it could take for some trichomes to turn amber?
  4. Hi everyone A friend gave me 2 outdoor plants. That have already been budding, i dont know how long, the trichomes have become milky all over. So still waiting for some them to turn slightly amber He said he didnt really use nutrients religiously so they have been getting plain water for a couple of weeks. My question is should i add a bloom nutrient solution to them now, or just leave them to finish off. Cause im not sure how much longer it will take. The super lemon haze auto is well into budding and the sativa seems like it can definetly go for much longer.
  5. Lekker thanks "-naughtypsychonaut" will defs try the jiffys out and will have a look for the recomended Diatomaceous Earth. Currently using " kirchhoffs Ludwigs insect spray" a simple organic insect spray found at builders. And seems tondo the job.
  6. Howsit All First time grower here, and this is my first harvest, Went through like 3 failed attempted plants for various reasons, but finally my one plants produced what seems like a great quality and quantity yield. But as i know the job is only half way there, i now need to dry and cure. My question is : how much should i trim to ensure a good slow dry process / 7-10 days or so here in johannesburg. I dont have a hygrometer to measure humidity. So according to weather apps seems like its 65-70% ish which for johannesburg seems a bit high, but we have had allot of rain, and its seems to be cloudy here allot. Due to the big amount my plants harvested im drying in 2 separate places. 1. A small clean room with good ventilation (when the door is open) and cover from the sun. 2. Under cover by my car-port ( which i know is not great at all and could end up ruining part of my harvest due to the amount of sun it gets, but i have no other options) 2nd question: Is even a small bit of light going to drastically ruin the quality of the harvest? With my room i can choose to close the door for better darkness but wont have great air flow/ i can use a fan but it will dry too quickly then. Recomendations to either leave door open and deal with light or close door and deal with air flow. Here are some pics of the set up.
  7. Hey wats up everyone. Firstly thanks for all the help, really great wealth of knowlege here, appreciate it. So just to give you all un update. My worst nightmare had come true. After waiting as long as i could i had to investigate, and found some sort of larvae chowing my dam seed 😡 Clealry down to growing environment. As this is pretty much an outdoor kinda grow, but do use a simple LED for extra light. But basically no prevention for any pests. And one got contaminated. If i had the cash would love to invest in a grow tent but till then will have to make do. Which brings me to my next question: Can you use a simple organic pesticide on the top soil of a seed that hasnt sprouted yet. Or on a small plant, I was a bit scared to try worrying that it may be too strong and cause some damage. But at least those f***uckers didnt get to my White widow, and my Amnesia Haze is going strong 💪 iv sprayed the pesticide over the soil only on my small widow and Haze is big enough to get a good once a week spray. And that seems to work fine for any pests.
  8. Thanks for the Help and reassurance Mambawana . Ill try using some warm water.
  9. Hi All new and novice grower here, and need some help. Iv just planted 2 strains now. A white widow and a Northern blue tut. I succesfully germinated both seeds in the glass of water method, they both had a small taproot form but as soon as the tip appeard maybe 1-2 millimeters i planted them in a coco peet pre nutrition mix. About 2 cm deep in soil Now the white widow did fine its already appeared and making progress it took about 2 days to rise above the soil the king tut however hasnt. Just wandering if somethings wrong or is this a stain that might take longer to sprout. and whats the longest youve waited for a strain ( maybe indica strain) to sprout after planting. Conditions might not be perfect as summers coming to an end, its slightly colder at night, but iv been told indicas do slightly better in cold than sativas dues to their origins, but soil is damp not wet and not dry, its basically an outdoor setup, but after about 4:30 i put them under a basic 100w regular garden LED. for extra light. Any help would be appreciated.
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