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    dutch passion blueberry, skunk #1
  • Preferred growing medium or system
    60 litre coco. 30 litre compost. 30 litre potting soil. 10 litre worm casting. 125 ml Talborne vita, 125 ml fine dolomite lime, 250 ml kelp powder, 250ml steamed bone meal, 125 ml rock phosohate, 250 ml turbo grow, 50 ml malted barley powder
  • Preferred Lighting
    LED. pick n pay 6 Watt cool white. 5 for R99
  • Favourite Strains
    blueberry, kali mist, nl#5 x haze, amnesia haze
  • Grow Room Setup
    clone and mother under 6 Watt led house lamps. Flower out in the garden bed, or a 20 litre drum.
  • Preferred Nutrients
    biotrissol, kelpak, seagrow and talborne vita
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Preferred Medicating Methods
    spliff of weed or bubblehash and tabac.
  1. I was in there like Flinn. They were off loading a truck full of double grow, when i went past there this morning. I grabbed 12 bags of compost and 8 more sacks of potting soil. I spent over a grand there yesterday and they've had another R240 from me this morning. This is how i control the dreaded thrips and fungus gnats. SPINOSAD drench on the larvae and Tannie Margaret spray for the flies.
  2. Get in there before they close. 50 % discount on all their stock.
  3. Heads up. Stodels have reduced everything by 50%. Every cloud and all that. I was there at 9 am and it was still quiet. Get in there early tomorrow and get your supplies before they close
  4. Thats very helpful, cheers. Is there a size limit for pics. How many Mb? Whats the best way to upload from my phone?
  5. The best fertiliser in the world, is the farmer's shadow.
  6. I have a request for some help. Posting pics from my phone can potentially give away my location. I don't wish to drop a pin, on my grow show. How do i remove the exif file with the gps co-ordinates? Any help or ideas will be appreciated.
  7. Thank you. I just read your blog about the blossoming canna industry. Any vacancies in quality control? I can travel and am more than willing to provide my own jaffa cakes and rizla. :)
  8. @Prom Thats great news. You must be stoked. Can you tell me how you diluted it? Will you keep spraying, or is twice sufficient? Touch wood, but the only pests I've had so far, are mites and whitefly. I grow regular blueberry from Dutch Passion and my keeper mom is very mould resistant.
  9. All the best with your battle. This works well as a fungicide spray. I dilute phyta 0.25ml per litre and keep on spraying till its gone. https://biogrow.co.za/products/phyta/ Good luck
  10. Hello Prom, Check distilique out. They sell little baggies of potassium carbonate. Alkalising powder from the chemist will contain bicarbonate . The way this stuff works is to raise the pH too high for the PM to survive. Milk works on the same principle. Try these okes. They might have what you need https://shop.aquaponics.africa/product/potassium-bicarbonate-100g-2/
  11. Hello, I can usually find stuff at the agri for cheap cheap. 50 KG dolomite is about 70 bucks at Agricol. Lanfos near Langebaan sell sacks of rock phosphate. The old mine is now a fossil park. Taurus kelp products are based in Gansbaai. I go to Vegtech for coco fibre and peat moss bales. They are close by to Red Tractor compost, on the other side of the N1. Happy growing.
  12. Hello Acid Alice. Mixed flow fans aren't idea for sucking throuğh a filter. Hydor HIT is a much better option. That silent TD one is also a MF. Metal cased Centrifugal fans are designed to pull air through a silencer or filter.
  13. Eco insect control spayed 3 times over 10 days has eliminated the fuckers on my plant. Its sold by efekto and i found it at Stodels, for R230. The active ingredient is called Spinosad and it has also stopped the fungus gnats from taking over. I also hang up those cheapo sticky fly traps, as an extra defensive measure.
  14. @CreX typo, sorry. Thanks for the welcome. They're called Talborne organics. Vita Grow 2:3:2 fertiliser pellets. I get them from stodels and sprinkle them in with the potting mix. I top dress with epsom salts and use more pellets, Fruit and flower 3:1:5, when the initial food runs low.
  15. Cool site! I was googling for talboune pellets and came across this place. What a nice find, hello every one.
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