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    dutch passion blueberry, skunk #1
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    50 litre coco. 20 litre Biogreen universal. 15 litre leaf mould compost. 10 litre worm casting. 125 ml Talborne 3-1-5, 125 ml calcitic lime, 250 ml kelp powder, 250ml steamed bone meal, 125 ml rock phosphate, 250 ml turbo grow, 50 ml malted barley powder
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    LED. pick n pay 6 Watt cool white. 5 for R99
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    blueberry, kali mist, nl#5 x haze, amnesia haze
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    clone and mother under 6 Watt led house lamps. Flower out in the garden bed, or a 20 litre drum.
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    Biotrissol 3-1-5, Tannie Margaret Organic super charger 8-2-6, kelpak, Talborne vita 3-1-5 top dressing @ week 1 + 5 in flower
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    spliff of weed or bubblehash and tabac.

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  1. @StickyD420 hey sticky. Howsit?it is a pro job. It looks sick. This thermostat and relay was the best investment i made in my set up. It takes a bit of tinkering to dial in the parameters, but once get it right you have one less thing to stress over. For R300 it solved a lot of my issues with cold temps and higher humidity when the light goes out. @zolrooker does that mean your fan turns off when the heater kicks in? My problem is that the fan needs to keep sucking through the carbon filter, or else it stinks out the place out. If I can make one suggestion it would be to hang the temperature probe down low at pot level. Keep tinkering for a few days and it will fall into place. Good luck with the growing adventure.
  2. Shady sockpuppet internet business. Oh look, a few stickers and rizla papers. 👍
  3. Hello Zol, I use the same thermosat my friend. nice work with the wiring. I like the enclosure and the plugs. Do you plug the heater into one and your extractor into the other one? I added a relay switch into the mix so that when the heater is off, my extractor sucks at full speed and when the heater is in; the fan kicks down to low speed. I have a panel heater and an HIT 150 fan. The humidity never climbs over 60% and my temp never dips below 21C. What else have you got up your sleeve?
  4. Surely she needs to dry out a bit? I'm not convinced that all this flushing is the best remedy. Or its roots aren't as well developed as the other fine looking lady.
  5. What is your opinion of the drooping?
  6. How are the girls today? Have a read here and the next page https://www.420sa.co.za/topic/1056-organic-soil-indoor-grow/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-11342
  7. How's It and good evening, you have certainly got a lot more knowledge and understanding about caring for your girls and don't make basic errors like putting plants on a cold floor and over watering. I just saw that picture of the poor droopy girl and offered my experience, because the environment is the most obvious thing to question first. Get the roots happy, don't drown them and most of these problems and lock outs will cure themselves. https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-healthy-roots-for-healthy-cannabis-plants-n343 Cold temperatures can also shock plants causing wilting and slowed growth. Maintaining comfortable 22°C in the root zone will make your plants grow with no undesired side effects of temperature fluctuations. https://www.cannabisculture.com/content/2002/08/02/2565/When the air temperature remains at 72 degrees and the root zone is cool, which often happens when containers are placed on a cold floor, the roots do not work as efficiently as they do at a higher temperature. Conversely, cool air temperatures can be ameliorated using warm RZT. https://hightimes.com/grow/nicos-nuggets-temperature-plants/ Root zone temperatures are equally important as chemical reactions happen at a faster rate in optimal temperatures. These reactions are the mineral uptake from the nutrients we give plants for use in photosynthesis. The better and faster these reactions occur, the quicker and more abundant food the plant will have. The ideal root zone temp for cannabis plants is around 75°F and should always be about 5 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. https://www.maximumyield.com/is-root-zone-heating-really-necessary-part-one-the-basics/2/922 They go from being flooded after watering to dry between waterings and from cold at night to warm in the day—the living soil is constantly trying to adapt to this ever-changing environment and so the plant roots do not function as efficiently as they could. If root zone environments are maintained consistently in the comfort zone, however, plants actually become more photosynthetically efficient—using all the energy they produce to focus on efficient growth and reproduction. As the plants use energy more efficiently, they begin to process nutrients better and they use light and water more efficiently as well, with less 'stretching.' In short, the plants can now utilize resources at the level of their needs, not in excess to overcompensate for stress.
  8. @GGG they don't enjoy having cold, soggy feet. Raising the temp of the water is a very good suggestion.
  9. If the lowest air temp is 20 c then the roots will be a couple of degrees lower than the air. That is on the borderline for lockout issues. I have had similar looking woes, in the past and was able to overcome them with an oil radiator connected to a timer. I would monitor the temp on the floor of your tent. Add a heater if needed. Your nutes and coco mix are top quality premium brands, so I don't think that is your problem.
  10. Morning! 15 c is too low. Do you have a reliable thermometer?
  11. What are the variables in your environment? Do you use a heater when the lights are off? We just had our first really cold snap and your issues could be related to root temperature.
  12. I was in there like Flinn. They were off loading a truck full of double grow, when i went past there this morning. I grabbed 12 bags of compost and 8 more sacks of potting soil. I spent over a grand there yesterday and they've had another R240 from me this morning. This is how i control the dreaded thrips and fungus gnats. SPINOSAD drench on the larvae and Tannie Margaret spray for the flies.
  13. Get in there before they close. 50 % discount on all their stock.
  14. Heads up. Stodels have reduced everything by 50%. Every cloud and all that. I was there at 9 am and it was still quiet. Get in there early tomorrow and get your supplies before they close
  15. Thats very helpful, cheers. Is there a size limit for pics. How many Mb? Whats the best way to upload from my phone?
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