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  1. Hey just got some seed called Wedding Cake Reg and Amnesia X Safety Meeting. Are these both feminized?

    1. Bakstein420


      Dude I'm pretty sure they are regular beans. There is another member growing these but I can't remember who.

      Maybe try introducing yourself here.


      You'll probably get a better response that way :-stoned 

    2. 1000Hills Nursery

      1000Hills Nursery

      Both regulars. Both part of genetic preservation project we ran.

      Wedding cake mom used is 🔥 and we still run her literally all the time.

      Amnesia mom used is very fruity. Tastes like pink grapefruit. She's my cbd rich keeper. Also gets grown often. She smells even in veg.

      Good luck and most of all enjoy. 

      Safety Meeting dad was a super vigorous bushy sativa leaning plant that had very fruity stem rub. 

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