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    Aurora Indica; Zkittlez x Purple Punch; Criminal+; Jock Horror; Royal Gorilla; Grand Daddy Purple
  • Preferred growing medium or system
    DWC; Soil; Coco/Perlite
  • Preferred Lighting
    LED Quantum Boards; HID Lamps
  • Favourite Strains
    Sweet Deep Grapefruit
  • Grow Room Setup
    120x240x205 Indoor Tent; LED Quantum Boards; Fabric Pots and coco/perlite; Ventilation system with CF
  • Preferred Nutrients
    GHE; BioBizz
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Preferred Medicating Methods
    Dry Herb Vaping

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    2. PsyCLown


      How much do you charge to trim? How much per plant?

    3. Bakstein420


      wet trim FTW

    4. Ill_Evan


      Got through the 4 soil plants.. feels like I went to gym the whole day

      Tomorrow will be the DWC plants 🤠

      Neighbor got a Magic Butter machine so I'm just handing them all the trim to play with

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