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Found 11 results

  1. Full Indoor & Full Hydro Grow Set-Up for sale - R13,000 each (or R 22 000) Got 2 x full grow setups, one indoor soil setup and one hydro setup. Whatsapp: +27 60 546 2660 What's included in each set: 1x Grow Tent 1.2m x1.2m x2m 1x Lumii 720W LED 6 bar Grow Light 6x 25l Grow Buckets OR 6 material grow bags 1x Hydroponic pump with connecting pipes (For hydro setup only) 1x HighPro Extractor Fan 2 x Oscillating Clipfans 1x Digital Min Max Hygrometer 1x Grow Net 1.2m x1.2m
  2. Started with a few seeds around 2 weeks ago, 4 of them. All bag seed. Along with a bunch of equipment, I received 3 fresh seedlings of In-House genetics "Deluxe Sugarcane". All 7 seedlings currently under 1 x QB-75 from GrowOpz (32cm above tallest plant), 18/6 cycle in the tent. Soil being used is called "420 Mix" by 3Sixty. Only feeding I have done was for the soil - Biodyne Environoc 1ml/L given for the first time with last watering. Pots seem to be holding water for 2/3 days at a time. I'll post the back log of photo's here, the 3 bigger girls in the middle are the Deluxe seeds, the other 4 are mystery seeds. Please comment, good, bad, happy, sad, all welcome. I'm a fast learner and eager to learn, I look forward to it! (Picture taken Yesterday 10/08)
  3. Hi everyone, Here is an introduction, We are a small business, one man team bringing a number of DLC listed LED horticultural grow lights. ***text removed*** Enjoy your day and week, LOVE YOUR GROW.
  4. Hi, I'd appreciate some help with diagnosing this issue I have with my leaves, there is yellow/brown spots on the leaves and I am not sure as to what is the cause. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Aweh, What organic pesticide can I use during flower to fight spider mites besides pest pro as I've been using that and it isn't working, I need halp ASAP
  6. Hello guys and girls Was interested in gaining some knowledge on this topic. I'm about to start my next indoor grow with a soil I've never used before, Orgasoilux. In the past I've used FF soil with biobizz, but I feel it's time to transition into true living organics with Orgasoilux. For a couple of months of been brewing and feeding compost tea to my soil and my plants are loving it, however a product by the name of Explogrow has caught my attention. Since this product includes all the microbes needed for my plant do you guys recommend I use this product instead of brewing compost tea? Should I use one and not the other or can I benefit from using both? I don't want to over complicate my grow however I truly want to make sure I have a strong presence of microbes in my soil. I plan on feeding the microbes with molasses every week. Any suggestions from anyone who has used Orgasoilux or explo grow? Would greatly appreciate the help. Still consider myself a novice grower, however I'm extremely interested in true organic grown cannabis. Would also like know if it's neccessary to top dress before I transition to flower with some worm castings and dry kelp? Or will the orgasoilux take me from seed to harvest without any amendments or additives besides molasses. Any feedback or advice will be much appreciated. Happy growing. ( I plan on vegging out the plant for about a month or 2 before flipping to flower)
  7. So I got some clones yesterday but I the new growth is yellowing, I did some google searches and I couldn't find a conclusive answer to this issue. Please help, are they saveable or not?
  8. Yo, so I recently started my first indoor grow. I never had humidity problems when I was testing on bag seeds but since I started my first proper indoor grow(exact same setup as the test) my humidity had been between 35 and 40. What can I do to increase humidity without buying a Humidifier?
  9. Greetings 420 Fam! Decided to grow again due to being stuck at home so I thought I'd share what's going on with you guys. So I've been growing these 2 strains since about the last week of March. They are; Black Fire & Inzane in the Membrane, both by Ethos Genetics. I started the grow long before I became a member here so if you guys want to check it out, I have a link to the journal to catch up so far, and links to previous grows that you'll find in the grow reports as well. I'll try to update progress on here as often as I can. Anyway, I transplanted them into 5L smart pots for vegging on the 6th of April and watered them (no nutes) shortly after the transplant. The water was at 66 ppm with a pH ~6.25. They didn't seem to experience any obvious transplant shock and it's all going smoothly so far. These trees are 3 days into their 5th week of vegging (excl seedling stage - very 1st week) They've received 2 sets of toppings and growth from the 1st node was removed - I'm manifolding these trees also using some skewers and soft tie wire to train them flat. Each tree has about 8-12 main tops right now but it's a bit untidy - they're due for a defoliation later today. Feeding strengths have been around 500pm for early veg and I'm increasing it to around 700ppm for the next week of veg before flipping to 12/12. The Inzane (om the right) seems to be outgrowing her company but I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem, I can always prop one plant up if needed. Will run 2 of the same strains next time to use the space more effectively. The last picture is a few days older but it gives you a more clear view of how I used the skewers to train the trees. Questions and suggestions are welcomed. Enjoy!
  10. Wassup 420 fam. Started my first indoor grow about 2 weeks ago. Not much happening at the moment... Strain- Original Orange Bud Auto from Biltong and Buds. Medium- Freedom Farms Classic Pot Size- ± 13 L Grow Space- ± 50x50x 180cm Lighting- 120w QB from @Master_G Light schedule- 18/6 Nutes- EHG Grow, Micro and Bloom Prayer Soaked seed for 12 hours then into jiffy pellet. Germination was slow and first true leaves were a bit on the yellow side. Not sure if its due to cold CPT weather or bad genetics. I'm just happy Stella got her groove back. Watering with only dechlorinated tapwater at pH 6 every 2-5 days Entering week 3 now and she's coming along nicely. Can I start feeding nutrients at this stage or should I wait another week or so?
  11. Hi - I have a small space (shower cubicle) not used 1.2m x 1.2m. I will line the inside walls with reflective mylar. I'm on a tight budget so I'm currently researching my options regarding led lighting. As you know this is the most expensive part. It seems possible to construct a LED light source with these LED cobs fairly easily so I'm wondering how many of these cobs will I need per plant if I have 1 or 2 plants in a small space like that. The cobs are full spectrum LED 50w from https://m.lightinthebox.com/en/p/1pc-cob-new-design-creative-led-grow-bulb-cob-chip-aluminum-for-diy-plant-flower-seeding-light-50-w_p6747851.html?prm=1- Thank you
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