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  1. So my clones have been growing for 11 days now since i got them from the grower. On this grow i want to at least top them twice this might be a stupid question but from what I've seen and heard im supposed to top them when they reach 5 nodes(please correct me if im wrong) but with normal grow from seed the grow is even but with clones im unsure because there is just 1 node on each side sometimes so does is count a node or only half a node ? Also if you if you top you stop the growth of the tap root ? and lastly where the do you top them cause some people say you ju
  2. my thermometer broke do you guys know of any local retailers i get a thermometer from ?
  3. was going to use a net later on but just thought about tying them down to one side or the other a bit to expose the under developed parts thats starting to come out, but ok now you saying it to early ....more waiting i guess
  4. thanks man , i get what you saying about not training them yet , when would you suggest i can start because plant in picture 2 is making a lot of nodes.... guessing when they are greener ?
  5. ahhh ok thanks man will do, but other wise do they seem healthy ? , want to start with some LST
  6. Day 3 they looking better but feel they should still be greener, yellow starting to go away but still slightly visible , not sure if im under watering them as i do water them with equal amounts and make sure soil is moist still on 18/6 cycle
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