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  1. Been smoking since High Schoo (Probably started like 17-18 years ago.. How time flies!)l. Smoked everyday for years. We used to smoke 6 joints in the morning before school between 3 guys and after school we used to smoke until it was dark.. every day... Then i used to go home and smoke again a bit. I probably went through a good few years where the only time i wasnt high was the early parts of the morning lol. I never smoked too much "Indoor" as it was always too expensive and i never really noticed TOO much of a difference tbh so i always just bought "Greenhouse" . I even went through a spell at my first job where i used to buy "location zol' or 'ma-jut' from the hawkers outside which was full of seeds and shit quality.. so used to smoke it with DIY bongs and the high was terrible but intense if you smoked alot! but i kept smoking it anyways even though i wasnt enjoying it, or in the best place mentally lol.. . I literally didnt smoke a joint for that whole year and was just smoking whatever i could from a bong. When i did roll a joint, i used to put it in the bong and pull half the joint in one hit lol.. Been through alot of other drugs also but am clean of all those now. Long story short, those days are long gone and ive actually been smoking on and off for the past 3 years or so.. Been stopping and starting again in Holidays, December etc. Ive actually even stopped smoking cigarettes now and snoke only weed (Smoked cigarettes since i was 10) Then.. the lockdown came and ive been smoking full time again ever since. Bought some good quality stuff just before lockdown and started to build an appreciation for the good quality stuff. Problem was that the good quality stuff is a bit pricey.. so i thought that i could start growing my own batch with some of the extra T5 HO lighting i had around.. plus i also had a decent LED light (Gonna use it as a supplemental light when my babies start flowering).. Started doing some research and ended up here. Wanted to start off with what i had with little to no extra capital.. but here i am now like 8K+ later, hoping i can grow some good bud lol. Im enjoying the growing so far though and learning alot.. just very unsure on training methods etc. and whether i should be training.. what method etc. considering my space. Just topped last night, so im going to leave it like that and see what happens.. Maybe theres small inputs i can do here and there as the plants grow.. will see how it goes.
  2. Hey guys, just have some questions regarding carbon filters. So, i have an exhaust fan that operates at 90m3/h (Around 50-60cfm) and the smallest carbon filters im finding available are rated 350cfm. -Is my exhaust fan going to be too weak? -Is there a carbon filter around that will match my fan? -Anyone do a diy carbon filter? (I have lots of activated carbon on hand) -Is it absolutely necessary to control the odours? Im only growing 3 small plants in 10l pots
  3. I wanted to grow a high CBD strain but have never smoked a strain like that before. Didnt know what to expect, so i still have the seed on hand
  4. I bought my seeds from there and had no problem. I communicated with them via Whatsapp and response was swift. Ill pop you a DM with the number.
  5. Hello and welcome @ShamelessAtom
  6. Awesome setup. thanks for sharing
  7. Just an idea to keep water circulating inside a drum.. You could use one of these, instead of a normal pump. Lots of different models and sizes you could go for Low power consumption and higher flow rate then a normal pump at a cheaper price.
  8. Started my own grow diary here
  9. One final question lol. How do you protect your eyes when working in the grow area? I feel like I'll go blind looking at that everyday 🤣
  10. Thanks for all the help guys. Much appreciated.
  11. Sweet 👌 . Im probably going to run it at night and switch off between 9AM and 3PM, or between 10AM and 4PM
  12. Ill just set my temp controller to 25-30deg then as that is more or less what im getting without heater during the day
  13. Haha ok, So im guessing that those swings are not too much of an issue then. Was just thinking of how to set my temperature controller, without having the heaters etc run too much.
  14. Regarding temperature swings/offests. How much of a temp swing can these ladies handle in a short space of time? For example, would it be able to tolerate swings up and down between 22 and 30 deg in a short space of time (Say 10 min), or does the temperature need to be more constant in short periods?
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