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    I reached 976g on 1m2 indoor grow area... and lost my bet πŸ˜‚ But I am rather sure I will reach the 1kg dry on 1m2 area.. lets try again 😊 Also might want to add... zero training techs used.. I topped one, which was on her own mission and 2 stayed rather short but rest formed a rather nice and even canape them self. I only removed leaves the plants were giving up and didn't disturb them in any way possible.
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    Wow... I need to learn here. You grew. 976grams of dry bud in 1 square meter under 450w of led light? That is better than anything I have ever seen in my life! Well done mate. After this I give up. No point in growing no more. After years of growing I'm a noob
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    Last time I went to the tent shop to stock up on BioBizz, the owner also told me that I converted him to autos. I think you know fems head to toe.. give those silly autos a try.. 😁
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    https://www.mars-hydro.com/mars-tsw-3000-led-full-spectrum-hydroponic-led-grow-light Those are the lights I use
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    The method is.. don't disturb the plant. 😏 I topped on because she was just on her own mission. Had 2 rather shorter ones, the rest formed a even canape. If you want to give a name to my method.. bud on bud. I don't use a net, as then I can't move them anymore to easy feed. My pots stand pot on pot, 28cm pots (swapped to square now so I get em better stacked when young). the heavy leaning ones I just put against the tent wall. I was busy with the outdoor harvest, so I couldn't give those lots of attention and it proved again.. what ever we test, defoiling, topping,.. a unstressed auto yields 20% more. I put things below the small pots to raise them to even the canape. Is really all I do in that direction. My feeding tables are adapted to 8, 10 and 12 weeks. The seeds drop into fertilized water.. and never give pure water till flush. Lights, Mars TS 3000 20/4 Have 3 air circuits handling temp and moisture (room and tent). Freedom Farms and my own compost from the garden heap pots were standing 3x4, used 1 TS on those
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    I put the thingy in the grow reports 😁 check there
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    How many plants? How long were they vegged for? What light are you using again? Meduim used? Nutes used? I don't want to sound cynical... But 1kg from untrained plants in a 1x1 space is just highly improbable Gotta see some pics😎 And I also don't want to put you down either... But if you truly did get just under a kilo in a 1x1... Then you need to teach us this method
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    @TheUltimateNoob so I have some 3000K normal QB288's with LM301B diodes then I have some which are 3000K with LM301B diodes and some red diodes which I think are LM351H diodes. Honestly I do not notice any difference between the two, the amount of red in 3000k I feel is sufficient and I do not see much of a need for the extra red diodes. Also after watching a MiGro video about UV light, I feel that UV LED's are a waste and more marketing than anything else. EDIT: I would also not purchase from that Onlinegrowshop, this is based on what another member (cannot remember who) had posted with regards to what they use as heatsinks and the type of drivers they use etc.
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    Koi breeds are a science on its own. Bought them as a batch from an overstocked pond 8 yrs ago, paid peanuts. Have a few fish- Doitsu, Sanke, Goromo, Yamabuki Ogon and a Tancho- none are certified so basically not worth much. I have lost a few big fish over the years sadly (jumping and fisheagles) so far they've spawned twice for me. Largest current lady is about 3kgs-Doitsu. They were in a 7000lt pond before, but needed to be moved pronto after the divorce(ex wanted to fill the pond with sand) so made the Jojo plan. They also provide nourishment to my plants when I clean the filters. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Why dont you grow them 12/12 from the start? I will swop. Where are.you? KZN?
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