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    It arrived today, so I can confirm swift delivery. I’ll also continue about this in my grow diary
  2. Master_G

    Master_G first grow

    Just a little update. Seems ms we have lift-off. The only seed I am remotely interested in is the Female Super Lemon Haze and she has just shown signs of life. the pic was taken at 5:30am I guess 21 deg at 70% humidity in the tent. Decided Ed I will go with freedom farms soil. I’ll get that over the weekend and probably start with the potting part in the week. what is the negative of going straight into a 10L pot?
  3. Master_G

    Hello hello

    So hi guys. I kinda started a grow topic before introducing myself. im a Cape Town original kite surfer / surfer type person who due to financial obligations decided to move to JHB 5 years ago. i now am fully set in a career with high stress and disgruntled employees. Living the life😂😂😂 always been a fan of cannabis as it just seem to work for anything I can imagine. struggling to find cannabis in JHb has forced me to grow now that it’s no longer frowned upon so here I am
  4. Master_G


    Hi all. I’m a Business intelligence manager for a large firm. Dunno what else to say.
  5. I ordered auto AK, auto bubblegum extra, auto durb poison. I figured it could go well with the super lemon haze I have already im looking forward to see what happens. Brand new at this, so I’m expecting to pay school fees.
  6. Master_G


    @Jimmy-z For now I only have 1 x tent to grow in, so I’m doing autos. Just bought 3 x auto seeds for R60 each from biltong and budz. I also have a super lemon haze from germinating atm as well as some bagseed from a greenhouse grow that hit pollen from somewhere. Females were Buddha cheese and Northern lights so it might produce ok bud. Space is a bit of a problem normally so I will have to see if I’m ever going to have space for a mother id rather just buy clones but eBay is fresh out of stock😂😂😂
  7. Master_G


    10 x auto seeds = R1800.00 ex postage
  8. Master_G


    @Jimmy-z thats not bad going lol. I’m sure they are awesome but I don’t want to drop 1500 for learning to grow hahahhaa
  9. Master_G


    @Jimmy-z yeah, it’s funny as we (mate and I order together) had a chat this am as I was looking to buy and had looked at cannabisseeds.co.za but they want you to take a 2nd bond in your house to get some bud. We changed to cape ape seeds after gsr didn’t work out and they delivered. I just ordered a test order from the Biltong shop. So I’ll see if that arrives. guess we just have to find what works for us. Wish there was a clone bank lol
  10. Master_G


    Sadly we ordered from GSR and received nothing. So henceforth it will be other banks.
  11. @Pat999 I just ordered from them. I hope it arrives. Time will tell I guess 😉
  12. Master_G

    Master_G first grow

    Oh before I forget. Im in 3 and a half minds about which route to take. either I have to go for soil grow (freedom farms) or Autopots with hydroton and peat. I am open to suggestions.
  13. Master_G

    Master_G first grow

    Hi All. So with things being Legal I finally convinced my wife that growing is safer than buying and subsequently started with a grow. i got somewhat lucky and got a tent 165x80x120, 150w vegging and 250w flowering CFL for the whopping price of R1000.00 i also received a gem Super Lemon Haze feminized seed, which came from Cape Ape. i am hoping to get some assistance as I think I may need some help. i am aware that hps/hid/led etc is better but I’m just growing to support my habit which is not more than 20g pm, so I hope I can make enough to give me that. I’m also hoping to find someone in JHB who I might be able to swap or whatever clones etc.