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All Sorts..🌱🔥


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So I tried to LST the Grape Gorilla.. She was streching way to much.. The darn main cola snapped right off.. Dumb of me not to use the knuckling method.. Done this a few times but now I'm not to sure as the stem is thick.. Stick it in the bottom of the pot and let's see what happens..😂😬



I should of topped her when I flipped but dit not expect the sudden and explosive stretch....


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The two evicted males turned out to be fine specimens.. They are days away from dropping their load. I will collect some pollin for some inhouse micro breeding for myself and then compost them. They look exactly the same but the DQxS turned purple and the DQ stayed green..





The Grape Gorilla Main Cola is still going strong.. As the RH dropped with the add of the heater fan I noticed it taking strain.. So I really hope it makes it..



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Good morning Growmies.

So the girls were polinated with some Chockolate Gelato pollin gifted by @Totemic I should have enough beans now for a life time. Happy to have beans on the Grape Gorilla as this girl is my new favorite..😁👌🌱 I have a visitor in the tent and I am sure he is feasting on the phungus knats.. Small issue with them but not yet necessary for extreme measures.. 

Grape Gorilla Fem


The main cola is still going and I hope to revege it soon to make some cuttings.




Chockolate Gelato Fem.




Double Sunsets Fem












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So my next lesson is on hand.. Bloody thrips got my adress..🙈 The two Prayingmantis's are bussy but I fear they are not enough. Switched of my ventilation and they rize to the top.. That's how I noticed them and by chance on a foto.. So I assume a harsh lesson it would be.. Anny help here maybe.?👌👍🌱 Zoom in on this and see the bugger stuck on some tricomes..





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3 minutes ago, Weskush said:

I'm having an infestation of these fkers. All over my outdoor soil. First time i'm having this issue. Tried Margeret Roberts, Cinnamon. Fokol helps. 

Diotomatious earth I find worked. But got that cat piss in there and I think that soil migjt not be mixed well enough. Will do a neem drench and add some DE.. Just glad it is not Thrips.. Nearly 💩 myself..

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2 hours ago, Stinger96 said:

Diotomatious earth I find worked. But got that cat piss in there and I think that soil migjt not be mixed well enough. Will do a neem drench and add some DE.. Just glad it is not Thrips.. Nearly 💩 myself..

Funny thing is that i added D earth to my home made super soil and the gnats are everywhere. Just gonna continue with things and monitor. If i see any negative effect on my plants the shit's gonna fly. Luckily these creatures has a short life span so will see. Thrips is probably worse so it is what it is for now.

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DE mixed into soil will slowly release minute amounts of calcium and silica in the soil, but it becomes nearly ineffective as a insecticide once wet or mixed into the soil. 

it also basically only works on larvae and soft bodied insects. usually something that can already fly won't be impacted by it at all. 

best way to use DE for countering insect life to throw a thin dry layer of it ontop of your soil, not after you watered cause it will just become wet and ineffective, wait till top soil is dry and sprinkle.

Golden rule is it will never work for infestations. do this as preventative measure, rather than waiting to see unwanted activity then jump into action. 

by the time you see unwanted movement you gona wana do a contact insecticide treatment like Pyrol or something that will take out a already forming colony. probably gona have to do two treatments, a week apart from eachother. then continue with IPM to keep them at bay. 

needless to say we spray nothing during flower so all this needs to be done during veg. 

Also good tippy tip is to kinda always as soon as you repotted something as soon as it's dry ontop you sprinkle DE, and repeat after every watering about 5 times. So you repot, water in, the very next day will be when the larvae in the first 5cm of soil will become active and also a good time to sprinkle a layer of dry DE all over the top of the soil. so that when the larvae move upwards to hatch it will kill itself when it tries to pass by the DE..  ✌ 

I love DE, always got some on hand and I use it religiously. it works. 🤠

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Ok so these ltle flying pests just got a major setback.. Gave the plants a neem soak from the bottom and worked some DE over the top. They'll get chopped in the next few days so no more watering.. Except for the Chockolate gelato fem. She's making small foxtails all over and I need to see how far she'll go.. Mellow Saterday to all..👌👍🌱







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So I made the choice to harvest today. The Grape Gorilla and Double Sunsets came down..👌🌱 Bit quick after the watering but so be it. Noticed some sugar leaves showing signs of But Rot and I am happy with the tricomes.. Did not want to learn one more lesson for now..😁🙈

This grow cinfirmed for me that 5L pots, FF soil mixed with Super Frass will from now on be my Indoor routine. This is for me.. The Tortoni need not stand back for anny of the "premium" bud I have had the pleasure of sampling so I am confident that these will be perfect for me..

The buds are dence and a perfect size, again, to my liking and not necessarily on standard for expert growers.. As I'm growing to support my own medication needs, bud appeal do not really bother me..😁

I did a two bucket wash with a tap rinse.. 

The Grape Gorilla was not washed as I did not want to screw with the possibility of loosing any seeds. The smell is almos Papaya like and not something I've come accross before.. I really like it and I am glad I have her seeded. Hopefully that trait carries through.🔥 Major frost on her sugar leaves and even on some fan leaves. 

All were pretty much a pleasure to trim. 


Double Sunset..














Grape Gorilla..







The Chockolate Gelato Fem I will leave for another week as mentioned.. I like this pheno with all her little fox tails..








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    • By StonerZN
      'Olla Bromigos!
      Getting started a little later this year than last, rain around this time in my neck of the woods played havoc with seedlings last year. 
      For this Season I am firmly in the Local is Lekker corner, and will be running a bunch of @Totemicand some @Bay Seeds sourced a while ago from the Legends at @Cannabist. Thank you all for the great deal and freebies! Very grateful and super keen 🙃

      So here we go! Up first 2 each of:
      Totemic - Green Gelato. Reg
      Totemic -Strawberry Deluxe. Fem
      Totemic - Strawberry Sugar Cookies. Fem
      Bay Seeds - AK Royal x Lemon Jedi X Choc Gelato. Reg
      Totemic - Gelato x Cherry CBD. Reg

      All seeds soaking since 4PMish, dechlorinated water with a spritz of Biodyne and BioBizz Root juice.
      Some king sized seeds, some so big they got stuck in the container and needed prying out.

      Very keen to get started! Some will go straight into pots from here, others via ziploc and paper towel route. Don't have enough side plates to separate 5 diff strains in paper towels etc. Will give the Fems the special treatment and let the Regs go au natural.
    • By Smelly Joe
      So I was browsing the Internet last season, more or less end of season, and in the process startes browsing local seedbanks to see whats out there. So I noticed a "free seeds" section and of course I checked it out and saw Chocolate Gelato on test a testers needed base, i guess and did a fake checkout to see what I needed to buy to get this deal. I did not complete the checkout cause I just figured lets leave it cause I don't have cash now anyhow. 
      Couple days later I received an envelope with feminized seeds, some rolling papers ans a sticker. All they asked was to do a test grow here. So here we go.... 
      @Cannabist, @Totemic
      I received 5 x seeds and planted 3 for this season. 2 popped and is alive. The 3rd one did not make it sue to human error. 

      I'm not sure what the Sativa/Indica ratio is and the genetics either and I am hoping for Totemic for that answer and maybe a few tips.. 
      They have been watered and fed with Humigro yesterday morning and they are responding well to it. Soon they should go to their bigger pots homes in the garden.. 
    • By Stinger96
      So here we go.. not sure if I'm early to the party but what the hel..

      Will have some space in the tent soon and by the time these girls get flipped they should have the tent to themselves...
      Grow nitty gritties:
      1x1 Mammoth Pro 100 Tent
      600w HID
      Extractor fan and two fans for air flow..
      The plan:
      Will be starting the seeds in a tin with paper towel on top of the decoder. From there straight into Freedom Farms Seed Starter. I Have not used it before and is quite excited to try it out..

      After the girls have been Veged to reach the required size, they'll be potted up into 5L pots.  Here is where I wil be testing a different soil mix for each.. 
      #1 Will be grown in Freedom Farm Premium Classic & Diotomatious Earth..
      #2 Will be grown in FF PC, DE and Super Frass 
      3# Will be grown in FF PC & DE Mixed with worm castings, Organic Mulch potting soil and extra Perlite..
      None of the plants will get anything else. Normal declorinated tap water only. This grow off will determine my soil mix for further grows. It also serves as a bit of a test on the Super Frass and FF Seed Starter..

      With these mixes I am sure to have 3 way different results.. 
      To all the contestants, good luck stay safe and above all enjoy.. This is going to be epic..

    • By John Stonedwell
      Morning folks.
      So I finished up with my second indoor grow and was quite happy with the results. So now it's time for my 3rd grow running some local genetics along with some international and established strains.. it's @Totemic time 
      I learnt a lot from my last grow and have switched up a couple of things.. 
      Soil - moved from Royal Gorilla to Freedom Farms classic (Very happy with this decision.. FF is a super stable soil with a very nice inherent nutrient balance)
      Seedlings - germinated in peat pellets as normal but for the seedling stage had them in 10cm pots for rooting with a subsequent transplant to the 20l fabric pots
      Nutes - I still have Seagro but decided for this grow I will only be running the BioBizz line (with some calmag throughout  and molasses for flower)
      Lighting - for the seedling stage I only had my HLG 100 on and only flipped on the additional 300w grow bar rig 4 weeks into the veg stage.
      Genetics - so as stated I wanted to give some local heroes a go and half of the tent will be local. Seeds originally planned for the run:
      Totemic - Palomino (germinated within 3 days and growth is ridiculous - will most propably be the star of the tent)
      Totemic - Tortoni #1 (I initially thought this seed didn't germinate as it took quite a while for tap to show - 6 to 7 days)
      Totemic - Tortoni #2 (because I thought I lost the 1st Tortoni 😂)
      Inhouse Genetics - Twisted Helix 
      Garden of Green - Girl Scout Cookies 
      TH Seeds - Bubblegum 
      G13 Labs - Raw Diesel (dud seed did not germinate...  🙁)
      Ripper - Brain Cake (whack mutant plant. Not sure if it's the seed or initial rooting problems but it will be chucked..)
      Initial growth points towards 3 stand out ladies - Palomino, GSC and Twisted Helix.. the other 3 are stacking very tightly and will probably be bushy little ladies..
      Germination was done on the 2nd of March and first topping and training for mainline will commence shortly. I still haven't introduced nutes yet as the leaf colour still looks spot on.. damn good soil that is!! 


      Veg growth pre transplant

      Mutant lady

      Post transplant


      Twisted Helix


      Tortoni #1


      Tortoni #2

    • By monkeybar
      Hey guys! 
      I am really looking forward to this grow. Objective is for personal breeding purposes. 
      This will be my first time experimenting with breeding cannabis, any help is appreciated 🙂
      Currently growing Laughing Buddha (Barney's Farm) and Charlotte's Angel (Dutch Passion). Plan is to cross Novakane with these strains, as well as breeding Novakane F2 seeds. 
      Novakane F1 seeds were sourced from @Totemic. On a side note, just a thank you from my part. The beans I ordered arrived swiftly, with a lot of freebies! The quality of these seeds are unmatched. 

      Started germinating today, soaked 5 regular seeds for 30min in Explogrow. Afterwards transferring them to a 1:100 solution of Explogrow and pH 6 water for 12 hours. 
      Am a fan of the paper-towel method, and have had great success placing said paper-towel inside a plastic bag on top of my router. Will do this next...

      Grow setup:
      240W LM301b + Epistar 660nm Kingbrite Quantum Board
      Freedom Farms Premium Soil
      T.A. Pro Organic Nutrients
      1.2 x 0.7m Grow Tent
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