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  1. I have given it some thought... and decided to side with the community on whom the vape goes to. Thank you @CreX for your contribution and the role you play in this community, I feel that it is well deserved that this giveaway goes to you.
  2. I am pulling out. Best of luck to all participants!
  3. For me there is no compare. Better in every aspect: health/taste/high.
  4. Hey all, was inspired lately by @The_StonedTrooper with his post 420 giveaway. Decided to gift my used DaVinci IQ Vaporizer to someone who can't afford a dry herb vape at the moment. @420SAWe cool? Leave a reply and we'll take it from there. Peace brothers
  5. Recently purchased some seeds from @Golden-Goose. Good communication from their side and overall a positive experience! Looking forward to grow these strains 🙂
  6. Chem Flyer Durban Thai Highflyer x Chemdog 91 BX3
  7. Whaaaat. Thank you @Bay Seeds and @Cannabist
  8. Thanks guys! Go check out my Novakane grow 😉 Peace be with you
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