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So Growmies... I'm not sure if this is the correct spot.. It's not a 420 friendly spot as per say... But this lovely lady started a Litle nersary slash Hydro slash coffee shop... I just love the idea that she has FF, Just Cannabis ext on her shelves for affordable prices.. I believe in supporting local and even more so when people don't just want to make a quick $. 

So plze if you in the Northern  Suburbs of CPT, pop in and speak to Tracy..

Have a Iced coffee by Scorpio Coffees and browse through the Nic Nacs...

She also have companion plants, pots, veggies and so forth available...

Below her location... Check it out...

33°54'04.6"S 18°42'25.9"E https://maps.app.goo.gl/j1ZdVFGLxR7BYLTM8


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Every time I go there there is something new.. Just love the Shocking pink Flamingos😂

They stock some awesome seeds.. Trying some of the Blue berries..

Wanna pop in tomorrow and get some more pots and Jiffies..


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