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  1. Kevin Jodrey (@kevinjodrey) • Instagram photos and videos - I'll just leave this post from Jodrey's insta here
  2. @Weskush, he talks about some interesting stuff. The fact that him and Soma used the same male when breeding different lines because they were sure of it's traits. When he talks about terp profiles was also good (especially the part about the Gas terp profiles)
  3. If you really want to watch the whole thing you can, but its starts at around 8 minutes in and ends at about 25 minutes in.
  4. @CreX you mind sharing a link ? just wanna make sure I'm looking at the right stuff
  5. So I've watch this video and part is extremely confusing to me mostly because he doesn't explain anything further and then the video cuts to him talking about female traits. But when talking about "dominate males" he mentioned something about males that show sex early being hermi prone, but later on he talks about him and Soma using single dominate male with recessive traits in multiple lines. I was super stoned when I watched with and it was like 1:00 am so I might've gotten lost somewhere. Edit: so I've re-watched it and he does go to explain that these "dominate males" carry the hermi trait and can be covered up using hybrid vigour etc... And then on the point of him talking about him and Soma he explains how the males they selected carried "dominate traits" that are desired in high THC producing strains. Very interesting watch, but the music is a bit distracting if you've smoked
  6. @CreX Maybe if I got a extra pot or 2 laying around I'll give it go. What nutes are you currently using ??
  7. Very good point, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Like what I said about a no till garden, it takes a balance of the three. The bulk of synthetic salt based nutrients on the market (not specifically marketed / recommend in cannabis growing) have been show to degrade soil quality and cause a few other issues, a lot of these products do not state it and you actually have to do some reading to understand what everything inside them does. And this is why I prefer the organic no till route, especially because I eat a lot of what comes out of my garden. Edit: yes there are studies that show the opposite, and mentioned in these it comes down to use. I would just like to add I am no scientist, have never done any testing. Just read stuff and decided to make my own decision.
  8. Since I made the switch I am one of those people ..... 😅😁
  9. Synthetic fertilizers work, but just because something works doesn't mean it is the best way of doing things.
  10. I don't know if I'm misunderstanding the context here but, I would have to disagree with this. Organics, microbes and fungi go hand in hand, if you are looking to achieve the best results in a completely organic / no till garden.
  11. Howzit, I've that on some users posts they have a signature with links to their grow diaries etc. Anyways, I cannot seem to find where to add a signature like this ??
  12. Will be posting some stuff soon. But you can check out my Instagram if you keen 😁 SAgrower (@africangrown) • Instagram photos and videos
  13. Howzit people. Here to learn and just see what's going on. I'm a grower, only been growing for 6 years and recently got into breeding to create/preserve strains I like. I grow outdoors, I know the basics of indoor growing but do not have my own setup. I prefer local genetics and love to dabble with bagseed. I created this account for fun, just to share my experiences and hopefully learn a thing or two. Edit: I don't have any pics up on the forum yet but you guys can check out my instagram if you keen SAgrower (@africangrown) • Instagram photos and videos
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