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  1. @CoolJ hey bud Thanks 4 the response! Much appreciated. I just wanna be clear, so you have a total of 4 fans running? Also what are you usinf to draw air in and what are you using to take the air out again? TIA
  2. Hi guys and gals I am leaning towards getting mammoth Pro 120 tent, which is basically the 1.2 x 1.2 x 200, i am trying to figure out what fan to get. Can anyone suggest any fans? Also any other goodies I should be getting? I think I will be getting the 240w led light from light it up. Thanks guys
  3. @highchome bud you just sealed the deal for me! I think we are so lucky to have this forum man, thanks again!
  4. @highchome Hi Bud, Thanks for assisting! I geuss Im also in kinda a hurry as I dont want to miss the BF specials thats happening, so Im not spending to much time researching and rather spending time looking for the best deal, LOL!
  5. @CreX Hi bud, Thanks for your input, it helps!
  6. I geuss what I am asking, is hows the quality of the light, since my knowledge on the subject sits at zero as I have never personally used a LED light, never mind this specific one...😆 as I keep saying I am a complete newbie to this entire process and at this time I am basing a lot of my decisions on what you very knowledgeable people say and do. TIA!
  7. Hi buddy Thanks for posting, wish you could have tested the light as I am interested in purchasing this light, please keep us posted.
  8. @Light It Up Hiya, Awesome to have you guys on board. 2 questions, will you guys be having any black Friday specials? AlsoI am a newbie so pardon the ignorance, the 240w light you have, how many plants can one have under that light? TIA
  9. Hi @Prom Thanks for taking the time to respond, Can you please provide a link to your diary, I would really love to read thru it.
  10. @Bakstein420 what did you think? Do you think this can be done in SA?
  11. Hola Amigo Como tu estas? Dimelo que le que hermano! Bienvenido!
  12. Hi guys, hope you are all well and safe. I'm sure most of you have watched Mr Canucks on you tube, a Canadian grower. This guys grows are unbelievable, "Plant Porn" at its best. I was just curious to know if anyone does anything similar to him? And how your results were. If no one is or has grown like this, please watch his vids and let me have your thoughts. Thanks guys! I will post a link below to his latest YouTube video.
  13. @PsyCLown Thank you for pointing this out...I really believed that thus light was made by Samsung
  14. @Ill_Evan Hi buddy, thanks for clearing this up, been a newbie, I really believed this light was made by Samsung.
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