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  1. Thanks man I will drop you a DM shortly. I'm probably only looking to purchase at the end of the month though as I have also been keeping my eye on the Secret Jardin DS120W on your site 😍 I was hoping for some Black Friday specials lol
  2. @Futurama Hydroponics I was looking to get the 2kg bucket, all the prices I've seen are R160 for the 2kg so if you doing 8kg @ R160 I'll take the 8kg, but are you sure you didn't make a typo there lol
  3. I started using this brand for my current grow and can honestly say I love it. Will you guys be stocking the Umya soil mix anytime soon? That seems to be the only one I cant find recently and I'm wanting to use it to replenish some old FF soil.
  4. Awesome stuff @Aeradix by any chance will you have any tents on sale? I've been eyeing the MARS GROW TENT (120X60X180) for a while now, hook a brother up please man
  5. Congrats on making it through the whole month. I think I would have given up an hour into "Sober October" lol Spark up a bong, you deserve it brother!!!
  6. If you still have the items, would you consider selling the tent separately?
  7. I got PH4, PH7 and PH10 calibration fluids from these guys, 500ml @ R53 each Delivery took 2 days from payment. I was really happy with the service and would definitely support them again.
  8. Ah shoot my count not there yet lol I'm the silent type hahaha Is there any way to track usage of the codes? I feel like the abuse could escalate rather quickly, while not by forum members directly but once codes are passed to friends, they then pass on and so on and so forth. Maybe limiting the number of times a month the code can be used could help curb the abuse? Really great initiative here, keep it up!
  9. Haven't ordered from you guys yet but i like the fact that you are active on this forum and responding to customer queries, also appreciate the fact you guys go the extra mile to make up for orders that had issues. Will definitly give you guys a try for my next order.
  10. Q9550

    Any fisherman?

    Finally got a bite on this thread lmao 🤣 Some nice catches there gents!!! I'm feeling so jealous now hahahah. I also enjoy most types of fishing, originally from the coast and we use to do a lot of ski fishing and R&S, i miss targeting those rays and sharks. I found a few spots near me to fish but without company there's not much motivation lol and no one to share a blunt with!!! Mostly bass fishing and a bit of barbel. I would love to learn carp and fly fishing. Maybe after the lockdown we could meet up to throw a few baits and smoke a few blunts, whoever is interested?
  11. How do you deal with the tolerance issue when consuming so much weed? I smoke about 5 bongs +-3gz during the week and a lot more over the weekend. I find that after the 1st bong its impossible to reach the same high again. I miss the days of uncontrollable laughter from when I first started smoking lol
  12. Some awesome autoflower videos on this channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtU2-cpxx18iQ4BvracrxDQ
  13. Q9550


    Any Kendrick fans?
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